Mission Farms CBD Review

CBD is surging in popularity as a natural “cure-all” for everything from acne to joint pain to depression. With all that popularity comes alot of providers out there all offering the “highest quality” CBD. Unfortunately, the CBD industry is still filled with a lot of providers that are either :

Very expensive for what you get or…

Very cheap and low quality

We have been following developments in the hemp/CBD space since 2015 and our Mission Farms CBD Review will spell out exactly why we love this brand. There’s a reason Mission Farms CBD is one of our top 5 picks for best cbd oil. Simply stated, these people do it right. They provide a VERY high quality CBD at a very good price.

Who is Mission Farms?

A sneak peek into the “About Mission Farms” section on their website will give you an idea of the “mission” behind Mission Farms CBD company. It is a people-centric outfit whose sole focus is delivering the highest quality cbd products for its customers in the cleanest purest way possible (we’ll get to this later).

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The mission farms CBD dates back to the founding family’s exposure to CBDs therapeutic properties in 2018, after which they never looked back. This brand went further to “spread the word” through the production of quality CBD oil and other cannabidiol-based products to consumers. Their “mission” became one of developing CBD products specifically aimed at facilitating health and wellness which is why they focus on ensuring the purest, highest quality ingredients.

Their farm-to-family approach is probably their most unique advantage in that they own and oversee the 22-acred farm where they plant and harvest the happiest of hemp, (situated in what they dubbed the “The Napa Valley of Hemp” in Bend, Oregon) so they never lose involvement at any stage of processing, even till the creation of the end-product.

What Makes Mission Farms CBD Different?

Not all CBD is created equal. As Mission Farms says “CBD is like wine…you can get two-buck chuck or you can get Napa Valley quality.” Mission Farms delivers Napa-Valley quality CBD (at less than Napa prices).

Many providers go to great lengths to source only the highest quality hemp but Mission Farms actually OWNS the farm where they grow theirs. I LOVE that about this product.

Starting with the seed, Mission Farms does NOT use hemp seeds that are grown for fiber. These seeds are cheaper (and therefore the favoriate for many CBD providers) but they are lower quality for consumption-grade CBD. Mission Farms only uses seeds from medical-grade cannabis bred specifically for high CBD content which results in a much more pure CBD.

Next is the extraction process. Mission Farms uses grain alcohol, which is the most-effective (and safest) method for extracting CBD oil from the seeds while also preserving the other natural cannabinoid compounds (which is important for a full-spectrum CBD). Read our Beginner’s Guide to CBD Here.

One of the biggest appeals of Mission Farms CBD is how their hemp is developed in nutrient-rich and volcanic soil, soaked in the most natural of summer climate sunlight, and irrigated daily by the waters of the Deschutes River. This topographical advantage, their immersive approach to production, and their innovation in adding essential oils and terpenes to CBD in curating health solutions using CBD are touted to be one of their competitive edge in being the best brand in the business. Lastly, in addition to growing their own hemp, each of their products is quality-tested by independent third-party labs and safe for consumption.

Mission Farms Top CBD Products

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Mission Farms CBD specializes in the production of a multitude of skincare products with CBD and also CBD Oils:

As mentioned, they focus on delivering products to promote general wellness and relaxation (as opposed to other providers more focused on active sports or nutrition).

    RestFor sound sleep, and to achieve this, they include chemical compounds like terpene linalool and essential oils bergamot, chamomile, lavender, and orange  
  ReliefTheir relief products serve to reduce pain in persons, chemical compounds included are: terpene humulene, rosemary, clove, and essential oils peppermint  
  RelaxationThis relief serves to achieve relaxation through relieving individuals of anxiety. They made use of terpene beta-caryophyllene and essential oils grapefruit, orange, clary sage, and ylang-ylang  

Their wesbite is well laid out and easy to navigate (this sounds like a given in this day and age but you’d be surprised at some very good CBD providers with less-than-good websites). One of the things we like best is the live chat they offer which allows you to ask specific questions about products.

Mission Farms CBD Oils

mission farms cbd oil reviews

Mission Farm’s CBD oils are probably their flagship product and the result of literally years of work perfecting the blend of pure CBD with essential oils designed at promoting truly restorative relaxation. If you’re only ever going to buy one CBD oil…this should be it.

Why Add Essential Oils?

This is somewhat unique to Mission Farms. Other CBD providers just offer plain CBD oil but research has shown that the naturally occurring terpenes in essential oils complement the effects of CBD. By combining specific terpenes within specific essential oils, a CBD blend can be made to tackle specific conditions. This is why Mission Farms (after years of refining) has specific CBD/Essential oil blends for Rest, Relaxation and Relieve.

Mission Farms CBD Creams

This is where Mission Farms really distinguishes itself from the pack. There are plenty of providers that will infuse creams with CBD but only Mission Farms actually creates their own goat-milk creams to use with their own CBD. I have been making goat milk cream myself for over a decade and, believe me, you can tell the difference…and these folks do it right. Full spectrum CBD is one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants so using it within a topical solution is a very powerful, all-natural, skin treatment.

Mission Farms CBD Mints

Mission Farms CBD review CBD Mints

Their mints are another product that’s really unique to them. It’s actually the first product of theirs I tried and, while skeptical at first (i LOVE CBD Gummies), I came to love the fact that they’re so small and easy to carry around (which gummies aren’t).

Despite the fact that I love my gummies…CBD Mints have one HUGE advantage…they are WAY more effective than CBD Gummies at delivering a dose. In fact, your body will absorb roughly 5x the CBD with mints than you will with a gummy or a capsule. The reason for this is that CBD is absorbed at a higher rate through the “soft palate” in our mouth as opposed to the small intestine. This is known as bio-availability and is THE key advantage to using mints.

Relieve CBD Joint and Muscle Pump

Mission Farms CBD review Joint pain
Mission Farms CBD Review Joint Pain

People who used the CBD gel for sore joints saw that it did a great job of relieving them of the ache.  Athletes and fitness enthusiasts who often came back home with the occasional leg cramps and joint aches found this one particularly helpful. It worked even in the cases of persons suffering from arthritis. They thought it was more effective than the previous CBD topicals that they had used, and they thought it was easy to apply from the pump bottle.  They think the gel works better than anything else they have tried because it allows them to sleep without pain. 

“I’m always skeptical but I bought the Relieve gel anyway just to give it a try. I suffer from achilles tendonitis and plantar fascitis. Just a very small amount on my ankle, foot and behind my calf, within 10 minutes I had NO pain and the swelling was reducing. I slept well for the first time in a long time. Highly recommend this!”

Charlotte A.

3rd Party Lab Testing

As a brand that prides itself to be big on transparency, Mission farms CBD engages the services of Juniper Analytics lab facility in Oregon, for effective, independent, and rigorous third-party lab tests. The tests carried out instruct that the products are fit for consumption, and even more importantly, they are pure. It also points out that customers get what is written on the product labels, and no toxins or harmful chemical compounds can be found in the CBD products.

Pros and Cons


By now, we most likely have identified the Unique Selling Point of the full-spectrum Mission Farms CBD oil as its spike of CBD-facilitating Terpenes. Terpenes have been scientifically backed to bolster CBD productivity in the human body system. The Mission Farms CBD also packs a good punch of essential oils that combine with CBD expertly to give that amazingly tasty and potion-potent end-product, whether skincare or health. Here are some of the pros we identified with purchasing the product:

  • It has a trial size with a money-back guarantee for skeptical customers wanting to try it out without any excessive sunk costs. Mission Farm CBD has a trial size bottle that is fit for starters with a 30-day money-back guarantee on top. All for 29 bucks.
  • The shipping is pretty fast. Takes about only 1 to 3 business days, 2 on the average
  • Mission farms CBD has third-party tested results that reveal its THC content, although it is not shown on the packaging and customers may be likely to miss this part.
  • The mission farms CBD company is a closely-knit operation that grows hemp on a 22-acre farm in Oregon. This suggests that they oversee the process of producing the CBD products from start to finish. This ensures against contamination and poor hemp quality that consumers may experience when patronizing other CBD companies.
  • The Relax CBD Oil of the brand is full-spectrum, for people who wish to enjoy the benefits of other chemical compounds apart from just the cannabinoids. It contains quite accurate levels of CBD (within 3.2%) as stated on the labels, and it also has many other cannabinoids.
  • The innovation in adding organic essential oils and organic fragrances works to bolster the effect of CBD, thus increasing its potency. Good stuff.

If you fall into a category of buyers that are looking for that extra value on top of the value gotten for health, then Mission Farms CBD products are perfect for you. You can rest easy and gain much satisfaction in knowing that your purchase is helping to support local farmers rather than a large industrial hemp corporation.


A large chunk of the downsides of the Mission Farms CBD products stems from minor non-disclosures that we discovered while we went “G.I Joe” on the brand. They are minor, but because Mission Brand CBD is a brand that holds itself to the highest level of transparency in the CBD industry, we had to hold them to those standards, thus pointing them out:

  • THC levels can be a TAD high… Mission Farm CBD does not make it expressly clear that one of theirs, the Relax CBD Oil product contains THC on its packaging and their marketing platforms as well.  Its packaging claims non-psychoactive THC, but independent research conducted found out the bottle actually contained over 48 milligrams of THC. This is still not a high enough dose to cause psychoactive effects (i.e. you won’t feel “high”), it is still technically higher than the stated limit. This is just a by product of a pure natural, full-spectrum CBD product…and frankly one we’re fine with.

Pricing, Shipping & Return Policy

The products are pretty much balanced out between costly and not too expensive. When it comes to product pricing, the amount of CBD contained in the formula is presumably the metric used to evaluate the price—just a guess of ours. For instance, while the relief CBD roll-on costs just under 30 bucks, the CBD drops (evidently containing more amount of CBD) could cost up to a whopping 100 bucks. They also mentioned a few shipping options; however, there is no provision for international shipments yet. 

The best shipping method available for getting the product is the priority USPS shipping that takes about two to three business days.  Other processing can take around 3 business days.  Four business days is about the worst possible outcome of time spent to get it delivered. 

Mission farms CBD maintains a brilliant return policy; they operate a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. In the unlikely event that a product was compromised during delivery, whether due to damage, customers can lodge their complaints to the customer support platform at suuport@missionfarmssbd.com. All the customer has to do is to send the photo of the products in its original condition and do well to attach the number given to them when they ordered the product. Customers can also help their case by sending a statement describing the damage that may have occurred to the products. Following this, mission farms CBD will then provide a remedy through replacement or any other means applicable. That said, if customers want a refund, all they have to do is to send an email to the mail mentioned above within 30 days of having purchased the product.

Other Products and Reviews

mission farms cbd testimonials
Mission Farms CBD Review Testimonials

It is not exactly headline-making news that there has been a swathe of customers who have tested and tried Mission Farm CBD products and loved them to bits, they have had absolutely no regrets and no side-effects too. Customers have been buzzing about the potency of these CBD remedies, and we’ll love to give you a carefully selected summary of what they thought about some of their different products:

Mission Farms Rest CBD Oil

Rest CBD oil from the stables of Mission Farms CBD oil worked an absolute treat for customers who were looking for that supplementary terpene, especially limonene because it helped relieve them of anxiety and depression.

Customers who wanted to gain the full measure of CBD benefits of only CBD bought Pure CBD Oil, and they thought it is superb, they also liked the bottles. 

Relax CBD Cream

Mission farms CBD customers that have tried the relaxer bidding cream think that it is an overall pleasure. They savor the pleasant smell, and they appreciate that this pleasant smell does not pack too much of a punch. Moderation is everything.

Relieve CBD Oil

Female customers that patronized the relieve CBD oil spoke highly of how it was instrumental in relieving them of their period cramps, they felt better and realized that they didn’t need their heating pad anymore. Forget that they purchased the trial size; they couldn’t wait for it to be over so they could purchase the full one. Other customers also loved the addition of essential oils to facilitate the use of CBD in their bodies.

Relive CBD Soak

The relief CBD soap in the case of customers suffering from arthritis soothed their pains and gave them relief. 

Relieve CBD Goat Milk Soap

Customers who suffer from arthritis found the CBD goat milk soap very handy. Some of these people claimed that the lavender deep sleep soap had been one of their best purchases ever as it reduces their entirety and lulls them into the best sleeping stints they have had in years. There have also been reports of the products clearing up psoriasis. 

Pet CBD Oil

Pet owners who tried this on their pet claim that it worked magic on pets by calming them down. According to them, it also served as an excellent cure for limping dogs having aches and pains. 

Our Verdict

CBD has gotten to be a crowded market…and you’re either going to pay to little to get basically no CBD with alot of filler…or you’re going to WAY overpay for a “brand” and little else. Mission Farms is a perfect “go-to” provider with basically everything one could want with extremely high quality at very good prices.

This is one of the reasons Mission Farms has already become a dominate brand in the space despite largely being word of mouth.

In hindsight, the CBD industry is awash with CBD companies touting jack-of-all-trade CBD solutions as a cure to the many health complications that people suffer from. This is where Mission Farms CBD markedly distinguishes its brand. Mission Farms CBD, being the first of its kind, has done well enough in bucking that trend by procuring specific products to meet specific and targeted health needs. The prices are held to be a lot more reasonable than other companies, especially as they are known to make some of the finest hemp in the CBD industry. CBD experts have paid several visits to their farms, and they all have confirmed the authenticity of their hemp plants, ranking among the best in the country.

Despite their newness in the market, they have done just enough to build a CBD empire that is a force to reckon with; they have done their best to earn trust and sustained patronage from the CBD community. In the final analysis, we think they have done enough to gain a vote of endorsement from us at Modernhcp.com

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