Legal Status of CBD Oil in Tennessee

is CBD oil legal in tennessee

Nowadays, CBD is available nearly everywhere in multiple forms. Whether you want it in lotions, pills, beverages, inhalers, or baked goods, it is available. CBD even has health benefits to those suffering from health problems such as depression and chronic pain. You have to be sure that where you are, CBD products are legal. In case you are not sure, keep on reading this guide to get the help you need.

Has CBD oil been legalized in Tennessee?

Yes, it has, and this applies to hemp-derived CBD oil. Generally, hemp-derived CBD oil is as legal as other hemp-derived products under the United States Federal law.

Recreation marijuana is not legal in Tennessee and possessing, selling and using it may result in consequences even if it is a gift. However, the only exception is if it is a medically approved use. If you are caught in possession of � ounces or less, you will be in for committing a misdemeanor. You will have to pay up to a $250 fine and a jail term of one year. In some cases, you will be charged with a misdemeanor, but the fine will double to $500 plus a year in jail.

When it comes to selling or trafficking CBD, you will be charged with a felony. Nashville and Memphis decriminalized the possession of little amounts of CBD in 2016. The amount of product a person has, determines their jail term and fine. This is unlike before when a police officer was allowed to file it as a misdemeanor plus a fine or a fine of $2500 maximum. Now the police can charge it as a civil penalty with a $0 fine and community service of 10 hours.

Cases that involve medical marijuana in Tennessee are a little complicated. The state has a problem of conflicting and unclear senate bills. 

In the Senate Bill 2125 signed in 2016, cannabis oil with cannabidiol has to contain THC below 0.6% and is not considered as marijuana. Under certain restrictions, it is considered legalized industrial hemp. 2016 also saw the signing of House Bill 2144, establishing the right of patients to possess CBD oils containing not more than 0.9% THC provided they are legally authorized or are diagnosed with epilepsy by a Tennessee doctor.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Tennessee

Despite being legal in Tennessee, finding hemp-derived CBD oil and certain brands and products locally can be challenging. So, going for it online can be an ideal idea. Having online stores to mail your orders to you breaks no law. Just ensure that the CBD products you order are high-quality hemp-derived CBD oil. This means that you have to research both the brand and the company. Our posts here are a fertile ground where you can conduct such research. Note that some brands sell fake or low-quality CBD products because many people are seeking treatment for pain, anxiety and depression and can easily be taken advantage of online. Buying such products sets you against the law and your health and safety. If you go online, you can purchase Sabaidee CBD as it is one of the best there’s in the market in terms of good quality and legal status.

Tennesse CBD News in 2019

According to the state’s Department of Agriculture, hemp-farming rules were going to change to the advantage of the producers. Currently, the challenges are happening and mostly involve licensing. Now and unlike before, farmers, as well as producers, can apply for a license any time of the year. The expiration of these licenses is set for the 30th of June every year, and they can get another the same month the next year. In addition, registration through TDA won’t be required any longer. And pertaining to the hemp program, it will cease to issue licenses certified seed breeders.

However, the Ag Inputs section of the department for those manufacturing or distributing seed will have to license them. The aim of the updates is to help make the program accommodate the changes that have been coming from adjustments in the federal laws. The federal and state laws require that hemp growers get licensed via the TDA’s program. In spite of the 2018 Farm Bill that excludes hemp from the list of federally controlled substances, growing and producing the product with no license from the state program is still considered illegal. More than 2,900 licenses were issued to hemp growers by TDA in 2019 alone. Laws determining how CBD oils and all other CBD products are bought and used may keep changing. And that’s based on study results on the subject. Provided you’re using CBD products for health problems, make sure to stay updated to be informed about the changes. It’s important to know that recent changes in laws on CBD make you safer and protected legally.

When was CBD oil legalized in Tennessee?

May 2015 saw the signing of Senate Bill 280 by Governor Bill Haslam. Possession and marijuana use for the treatment of specific conditions like epilepsy were legalized. No provision mentions that selling it is legal in Tennessee. That means people who use CBD oil have to go outside Tennessee to obtain it. However, the law requires legal acquisition so that it cannot be considered a misdemeanor.

In what states is CBD legal?

Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Colorado, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia.

Can you get “high” from using CBD oil?

If you consume CBD oil that has even traces of THC, it will not induce any euphoric effect. The “high’ feeling that comes from using marijuana is from the compound, THC.

Is it authorized to use CBD oil on a plane?

The Transportation Security Administration doesn’t allow boarding a plane with CBD, whether in your carry-on or checked bag.

Can a drug test reveal CBD?

It doesn’t have to, but if your body contains CBD with enough THC, a drug test may prove that you have CBD. It seldom happens, though.

Has hemp smoking been legalized in Tennessee?

Yes, the state considers hemp legal. The amount of hemp in THC is little and therefore doesn’t contain high levels enough to give you a “high” feeling. However, it is challenging to differentiate hemp from marijuana, even if it is the police or drug dogs involved. To ascertain if you have bought hemp, ask for a receipt to prove that it is legally bought hemp.

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