Hookah VS E-Cigarette Smoking

What is Hookah?

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A hookah is a smoking device that comes with a water pipe attached which acts as a filtering mechanism for the tobacco smoke before it can reach the lungs. Myriad kinds of flavorings can be used for hookah smoking such as cola, cherry, mint, coffee, lemon, lime, apple, coconut, chocolate, licorice, etc.

Hookahs can vary in the style, size, and shape. They can go from being quite bulky to tiny pen-like structures which are called hookah pens. A typical structure comprises a bowl where you put the coal/tobacco, an ashtray to catch the ash, a hose-like mouthpiece to draw the smoke in, and lastly a water bowl which is supposed to humidify and cool down the tobacco smoke.

The real winning point about hooking smoking is that it’s supposed to be a social activity wherein a bunch of friends sit in groups and socialize over hooking smoking. Hookash are, therefore, particularly popular among young adults.

There are many who believe that hooking smoke is a lot safer than e-cig smoking which is not true at all. The former can be just as dangerous to your health as smoking cigarettes.

Hookahs also go by several other names such as narghi, shish, hubble bubble, goza, and argileh.

What is an E-Cigarette?

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According to NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse), electronic cigarettes are essentially these battery- operated devices that deliver nicotine combined with a bunch of flavorings that are inhaled in the form of vapor rather than smoke.

There’s a battery compartment and a cartridge that contains the liquid nicotine. Upon turning on, the battery starts by powering the cartridge which turns the nicotine into vapors. These vapors are later inhaled by exhaling in the form of smoke but the smoke is odorless.

One of the winning highlights of e-cigs is that they come in colorful styles and packaging and the flavors are basically endless. You have so many flavourful liquids to pick from such as watermelon, apple, bubblegum, and so on. Many manufacturers make them resemble traditional devices like pipes, cigars, and even everyday items like USB memory sticks, pens, etc.

Currently, there are over 250 different e-cigs brands in the market right now. Some of the most popular ones are available at Big Daddy Smoke.

Is Smoking Hookah Safer than Smoking Cigarettes?

It’s not uncommon for people to turn to hookah thinking that because the smoke goes through water filtering, it would be a lot safer than smoking a cigarette. This is not true because, in the end, you are inhaling the same number of chemicals. You’re still inhaling everything from tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine, carcinogens, and heavy metals.

Over the years, hookah smoking has been associated with almost the same kinds of health effects as cigarette smoking. It has been associated with issues like lung cancer, periodontal disease, and all kinds of respiratory illnesses.

According to WHO, regular hookah smoking could expose a person to probably more smoke over a long period of time than smoking a cigarette.

The Differences Between Hookah and E-Cigarette

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There are a LOT of differences between hookah smoking and e-cig smoking which is also known as vaping. What are those differences? Let’s take a look.

Purpose of Usage

You should know that most people turn to e-cig because it is supposed to help them make an easy transition towards a substance-free life. Most e-cig users are either trying to curb their smoking addiction or they use it only occasionally for recreational purposes.

Hookah smoking, however, in a large setting is only done occasionally. The ‘social’ aspect of hookah makes it a better choice for when you are with friends and want something to socialize over.

No Ash

If you have ever seen a hookah, you would there’s an open ashtray with burning coal or some other stuff. You can openly see the ashes. With e-cigs there’s nothing out in the open for you to see. It’s an enclosed mechanism so everything is happening within the device.

That is why the chances of burning or accidents are far fewer with the latter than with hookah.

Safety Aspect

E-cigs are without a doubt, a WAY safer option than hookah smoking. We already established that a hookah carries the same number of toxins and chemicals as a regular cigarette. The only difference is the addition of a water filter mechanism.

But, in the end, you are consuming more or less the same number of chemicals. With e-cigs you are not dealing with any kind of smoke because there’s no combustion of the burning of substance appealing. You’re inhaling vapors which carry far fewer chemicals.

Also, the total number of chemicals is also much less. This is the reason why smokers turn to vape because it gives them the same sensation as smoking does without the loaded chemicals. Vaping is, therefore, excellent for weaning off of cigarette smoke.

Portability factor

You can’t carry a big, bulky hookah anywhere with you since they are huge, they are only good for using in a room. With e-cigs, however, the portability is excellent. You can carry them anywhere you go. Their small sizing makes it super easy to carry them with you and use them on the go.

Their discreet looks also make them easy to use anywhere you want.


It should be clear by now how different these two devices are even though they may look similar in several aspects. The true difference comes from the intended usage. If you need something for once in a while usage for socializing and mingling, then hookahs are a good option.

However, if you need something to get rid of smoking or something to enjoy now and then, then go for vape pens
and e-cigs.

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