Green Roads CBD Review: What You Need to Know (2023)

About Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD Review

This is not your average CBD company. From the founders to the products, Green Roads sets a high bar when it comes to quality. If you’re in the market for CBD capsules, softgels, gummies, or even hand cream, you’ll want to check out what they’ve got to offer.  This has been one of my favorite CBD companies from day one and it still is in 2023.

Green Roads offers an exceptional line of products when it comes to quality and value. From the wide variety of specialty CBD products to their free online book of CBD knowledge, this company is on a mission to bring holistic health and wellness into our world. 

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What makes Green Roads different? First, you have the fact that it was launched by a compounding pharmacist with 20 years of experience. Her name is Laura Fuentes. 

Unique beginnings

green roads cbd review

This is how it all began… Arby Barroso, Laura’s buddy, had some difficult health problems about ten years ago. He came to her with an idea one day. He thought CBD might be beneficial to him. To create the best course of action, he would need to work with Laura’s pharmacological knowledge.

Together, they explored this idea. What ensued was a life changing journey of seeking to bring naturally sourced, pharmacist compounded healing to those who need it most. 

After more than a decade in business, Green Roads has established a reputation as a manufacturer of CBD products that provides exceptional quality, transparency, and customer service. They participate in fundraising efforts and initiatives that benefit nearby young professionals since they also care about their community.

So, this company is unique in that it is  rooted in compassion and empathy. All you have to do is look at their website to see that they actually care about what they do, and about their customers, too! 

It would seem that a company with such a big heart and good motives might have to compromise somewhere. Not with Green Roads! Green Roads simply offers a superior CBD product which also happens to come from real people with real caring hearts. 

What’s more, Green Roads has had to overcome some serious obstacles.  Being a CBD company, there were many roadblocks to their success. They happen to market a naturally occuring herb which, sadly, is sorely misunderstood by most people in the US. 

Ask anybody what the difference is between hemp and marijuana, and they will probably have no idea there is a difference. Most people don’t know that cannabis is actually a genus, rather than a species of plant. 

Besides general ignorance surrounding the cannabis family, why would it be difficult for Green Roads to market such a wonderful line of products? 

Consider this. CBD is a relatively new product that you might notice lazily sat on the shelf at your neighborhood grocery store. Green Roads came into being nearly a decade ago, in 2013. There have been incredibly rigorous limitations on the manufacture and sale of CBD up until very recently.

Thankfully, restrictions have eased up in many states, and there is increasing understanding about what CBD is, and what it is not. 

Now, Green roads sells their products in over 10,000 locations as well as online. How’s that for growth?! Their own website says that their “scrappiness” is what makes them successful. It’s their “kitchen table” approach. 

They got through these struggles together as a group of real people who didn’t mistake obstacles for the end of the road. 

Real people with real values

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But why does this matter? We haven’t even gotten to the products yet, and we’re raving about Green Roads? The point is: Green Roads is a trustworthy and reliable name in the CBD market. 

Another reason to love Green Roads is that they emphasize quality and transparency. They were some of the first CBD producers to advocate for third-party testing on each batch of products. This is huge! 

Every item you buy has a code that you may use to search up the results of the particular lab tests it underwent. Concerns regarding the THC content’s exact percentage? Ingredients? All you need to do is search for it. Green Roads is confident in the fact that they have nothing to conceal.

Integrity, heart, and quality. What more could you ask for? Especially when it comes to a product you’re purchasing for your health. 

Why is Green Roads different?

Company values

Green Roads is unique in many other aspects besides their story. They offer a superior quality line of CBD products, from oils to creams and edibles. Their products are carefully formulated, meeting all the regulations for selling CBD.

They have heart for those who most likely need their products the most. They even offer a discount for the people who probably really need some CBD for stress relief: first responders and military veterans. We’re talking a real discount here, people. 50%! 

All you have to do is provide documentation which proves that you are indeed a member of the military, a veteran, or a first responder. Then, you’ll receive a discount code in your email. 

It’s kind of hard to believe that a high quality line of CBD products would be available at such a great discount, but that’s Green Roads for you. Operating with love and generosity seems to be their mission.

Making a difference

Green Roads’ dedication to excellence is demonstrated by the quality of their client service. Their commitment to client satisfaction is exemplified by their money-back guarantee. If you inform them within 30 days, you will receive a full refund. Yes, they are that certain that you will enjoy their items that they will refund every penny.

They also have a system of incentives. You receive one point for every dollar you spend. For $1, 20 points can be redeemed. Points can also be obtained in various ways. For instance, writing a product review, joining Green Roads on social media, and so forth.

Another reason Green Roads stands out is their empathy. They were founded by people who care for those suffering from pain, and truly want to see individuals lead full, healthy lives. 

They make a point to make their products accessible to those who need it most by offering those handy discounts to first responders and veterans. These are some seriously stressed out people who could greatly benefit from a CBD gummy now and then.

Green Roads is clearly looking to make a positive impact on the world through its work. 

The products

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of the products. The quality of this CBD for the price is incomparable. Green Roads CBD isn’t the cheapest product on the market, but you get more than your money’s worth. 

What makes it worth your money? Their products are all third party lab tested. They are committed to delivering broad spectrum CBD products which contain 0% THC. To give you an idea, CBD products are supposed to have less than 0.3% THC content by law. Green Roads went a step further. You can still purchase full spectrum CBD which does include trace amounts of THC. You can rest assured that their products are clearly labeled as to whether they contain THC or not. 

This is great because it means that you are in control and have more options. Many CBD producers only offer one type of CBD, being broad spectrum or full… but don’t give people the option to choose. Green Roads wins, again.

In general, Green Roads’ standards are very high. They make it clear that they hide nothing about their products. Transparency is one of their biggest values. , thoroughly tested by a third party lab, and free from harsh filler ingredients. 

Green Roads isolates their CBD via CO2 extraction. This is widely regarded in the CBD market as the best method for achieving a high quality product.

Extracting the CO2 means that you’re left with a high level of CBD along with other good things in the hemp plant. The production standards explain why they offer moderate pricing rather than keeping things cheap. Still, this is money well spent. 

Educating the public

Green roads cbd oil cbd university

They have made it their mission to reduce the consumer’s sense of mystery surrounding hemp/CBD in terms of transparency. Because they are unsure of what CBD is, many people decide against trying it. Or, some individuals believe it will have a variety of negative affects, such making them feel high, hungry all the time, gaining weight, etc.

But, Green Roads makes it easy for consumers to educate themselves. Their website has a “CBD University” section, and they even have a CBD 101 ebook for your CBD reading pleasure. 

What customers say

Most importantly, the products have real effects. All you have to do is read the customer reviews to see that they actually work, and people are happy with their money well spent on this CBD. 

The most common positive reviews are from people seeking relief from insomnia, anxiety, and joint pain. It should be noted that Green Roads cannot publish all of their reviews. That’s not on them. It all comes down to regulations way above their company. 

In essence, they aren’t authorized to “make claims” about their products effectively treating or curing any specific illnesses or disorders because they haven’t received FDA approval. The overwhelming level of satisfaction with the items is reflected in what you read in the customer reviews. It’s just that you won’t frequently find a precise diagnosis mentioned in the review.

Green Roads explains on their website that they do receive many positive reviews from customers raving about how their CBD was helpful to them in managing some very difficult diagnoses. But due to FDA restrictions, they can’t post any reviews which would market their product to treat specific health problems. 

The rare negative reviews seem to be mainly related to the taste of some specific products. That’s understandable. Everyone has different taste. Rarely, some customers say that they didn’t feel much impact or relaxation from some of the edible products, but that may also be dependent on dosage and the height/weight of the individual. 

Green Roads Products

Green Roads provides a huge selection of goods. They are therefore a fantastic brand for both new and seasoned CBD consumers. Choose from a variety of products, including coffee, tea, softgels, oil, gummies, topical treatments, and roll-ons. They also sell chocolate, a line of dog-friendly pet supplies, and upscale bathroom accessories.

We’ll give you the skinny on the most basic CBD products, and some of Green Roads’ more unique and fun ways to get health benefits from CBD. 

Green Roads CBD Oil

This is the most basic CBD product you can start with. Green Roads offers full and broad spectrum CBD. You can also choose the concentration! They offer 10 mg/mL, 25 mg/mL, and 50 mg/mL. The bottle is 1 fl oz, and the price will vary depending on the concentration of CBD you choose, ranging form $44.99-149.99. Keep in mind, you can apply reward points, discount codes, etc. This CBD oil is also gluten and soy free! It’s vegan friendly, and is not tested on animals, either. Reviews boast of this oil’s potency and ability to induce a calm state!

Mint Breeze Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

This oil is essentially the same as Green Roads’ original CBD oil, listed above. The only difference is the flavor. We list it because some people struggle with the inherent earthiness of CBD’s flavor. The reviews on this product rave about the flavor, and that it has helped with arthritic pain.

Green Roads CBD Gummies

These little guys have thousands of reviews, and for good reason. People seem to love the convenience of taking a cute little CBD gummy bear at the end of a day to calm down. There are 30 in a bottle, and they come in fun colors. The flavor is sweet & sour. Each gummy has 10 mg of CBD. Customers love these bears, and report relief from anxiety, improved relaxation, and a great taste! A bottle runs at $43.99, and is money well spent. 

Sleepy Z’s

As the name suggests, these are a nighttime treat. Sleepy Z’s combine CBD with melatonin to promote a good night’s sleep. These are also gummies, and each one has 25 mg of CBD and .5 mg of melatonin. They’re also vegan! They come two per package, at $9.49. Reviewers say that they work like magic, help them to fall asleep, and stay asleep through the night. 

Pros & cons


  1. This product range is excellent for those who are new to CBD. There are many things to pick from, the website is easy to navigate, and the customer service is excellent. You’re more likely to be a loyal customer of Green Roads because of this. Whether you’ve used CBD before or not, you’ll probably want to continue doing business with this exceptional CBD provider.
  1. A big positive with Green Roads is that their broad spectrum products are entirely free of THC. This is huge for people who want to enjoy the benefits and relief CBD can provide without the stigma of THC associated with the cannabis plant genus. 
  1. Green roads’ kind and giving nature make them a company you’ll be glad to support. Their foundation was laid by real people trying to solve real problems surrounding pain relief. What could make them more trustworthy? 
  1. The CO2 extraction process leaves much more of the hemp plant’s benefits intact than other extraction processes. One such benefit is the terpenes left intact. Terpenes are what give flowers and fruits their lovely scents. They also help your body to benefit from CBD. This process is the safest, as well. It leaves no chlorophyll or other remaining solvents which could make the products taste bad, or even compromise their safety for consumption. 
  1. Their hemp is grown in the USA, non-GMO, and free of pesticides!
  1. There are plenty of products to choose from to fit your needs. Green Roads offers full spectrum, and broad spectrum CBD. You can take your pick based on whether you’re comfortable consuming up to 0.3% THC which could be present in the full spectrum variety.
  1. Numerous consumers have rated Green Roads’ goods as beneficial for a range of medical issues. As previously said, according to their website, they are unable to publish evaluations that specifically identify medical issues owing to FDA regulations. Additionally, they claim that many consumers do make an effort to publish evaluations regarding their products for particular health issues. Check out the ratings. The majority of what you’ll notice has to do with anxiety, insomnia, and general pain. Many people claim that taking Sleepy Z’s before bed or a Relax Bear to unwind at the end of each day has positive effects.
  1. The military and first responder discounts are fantastic! What’s more, they offer free shipping. 
  1. You can find Green Roads CBD products in over 10,000 retail locations. If you still can’t find it in a store near you, you can order online
  1. They offer bundle packages for first-time CBD consumers, including a little bit of their very best products to help promote rest and relaxation. 
  1. The bang for your buck is great with these products. For instance, one bottle of 30 Relax Bears costs $43.99. But, each bear has 10 mg of CBD. That’s great value for a superior product involving extensive research, testing, and production methods.
  1. Green Roads is growing fast, but they hold on to their small business beginning. 
  1. Because they value transparency so much, you can get pretty much any question answered online. They make it very easy to access information about their products and any concerns you may have. 
  1. Daily dosage packages! What could be more convenient?
  1. These products have great shelf life. The website says that’s 6-8 months. Of course, that’s provided you’re keeping your CBD products under the proper room temp condition. 
  1. The versatility of their products means that there is something for every lifestyle. Whether it’s a hand cream for joint pain relief, or a Relax Bear to wind down at the end of the work day, there is a product for everybody’s different needs.   


  1. What about cons? With all these wonderful features it seems to imagine any cons associated with Green Roads products. There are a few, but none related to the efficacy of the products or their quality. 
  1. Some consumers do complain that certain products have a bad taste. Remember that this could depend on your unique preferences and taste senses. Some people enjoy spinach while others don’t. Similar to how some people may prefer a hempy flavour in edible dishes while others may not. Vegetable glycerin is utilized in several goods, and some people claim it has a taste that isn’t particularly pleasant but is nevertheless tolerable.
  2. The gummies contain corn syrup. 
  3. There are artificial flavors and colors in some of the products.

Why you should try Green Roads CBD

We recommend Green Roads for several simple reasons. 

First, they offer a superior product for a reasonable price. Think of it like buying a good pair of shoes. Typically, you get what you pay for. If you want something good quality, you’ve got to plan to buy the shoes that aren’t the cheapest on the rack. But you also don’t want to spend a fortune on something you intend to use daily. So, you want a mix of value and quality. 

You can buy better-quality, more durable, and more comfortable shoes by spending a little bit more on them. So are the CBD products from Green Roads. Their goods provide a genuine advantage, however they don’t contain many filler substances. This is excellent.

The price reflects the research and high standard of production they put into their products. Also, there’s that third-party testing. Why is third party testing a good thing? 

Well, if Green Roads had a lab in their facility, testing their own products, people might think they were biased in their findings. A third party tester is a good way to build trust with consumers, knowing that there is no bias involved in the quality control of the products. 

It’s not the cheapest CBD out there, but it is also more effective and pleasant to consume than other CBD options. You’re getting more than your money’s worth with Green Roads. Taking care of your health can actually be enjoyable with these CBD products!

We also recommend Green Roads not only because of their products, but because of the nature of their company and the people running it. The customer service, transparency, rewards program, extremely helpful website, and immense knowledge base they share shows how much they truly care about their community. 

Keep an eye on their website as they are continually innovating and improving their product line. Give Green Roads CBD a try, and see for yourself! 

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