Endoca CBD Review: Our Experts Review (2023)


Founded in 2008, by Henry Vincenty, Endoca is a Dutch-based CBD company, Their stated mission is to bring balance to people’s health by producing a range of organic hemp products and actively promoting the benefits of their usage.

Endoca provides a very wide range of CBD products that include powder food supplements, suppositories, crystals, chewing gum, capsules, body creams and oils they also produce a range of CBD products specifically for dogs.

The company claim they provide some of the highest quality products money can buy. This is some statement, especially considering the abundance of rivals that they have in the market. But is their confidence in their own products is well-founded? The fact that products are all produced using only organic hemp and supercritical CO2 extraction processes is good start. On top of this, the vast majority of the equipment they use has been built by hand and they use recycled fuels during their production processes.

They also provide a variety of items that have been infused with CBD. This product line includes CBD capsules, chewing gums, CBD oils, and CBD infused creams. Endoca we’re one of the first companies in the world to offer CBD suppositories. They also offer a wide variety of CBD solutions specifically for pet owners, including a range of pet-friendly CBD oils.

They’ve also put a lot of work into their website to make it as user-friendly and as clean as possible. The site itself is very functional, and it’s menus are easy to navigate. They also take pride in providing a lot of useful information on their blog, that includes many healthy recipes that include CBD.

Because of this, we decided to take a closer look at Endoca, to see if they have earned the tag as the top CBD brand in the world.

Who is Endoca CBD?

When Henry Vincenty first decided to found Endoca, he was a graduate of genetics and biotechnology from the University of Copenhagen. The story behind his journey that eventually led him to the CBD industry it’s quite interesting and certainly helps make his brand’s story unique. if you want to get the full story it’s available in great detail on the company’s blog, but we will give you a brief summary.

As part of his graduate studies, he had the opportunity to travel extensively in Africa, working with projects which were dedicated to alleviating the suffering of people suffering from AIDS. He observed during his time in mobile clinics, how ineffectual mainstream medicine can be in arresting the conditions of so many patients.

He left Africa determined that there had to be a better way, alternatives had to exist that could tackle the side effects associated with this horrific disease. This was his inspiration and set him on the path to creating Endoca.

Following his graduation, he began to conduct extensive research and spent many years working towards opening a free clinic in Denmark. The purpose of this clinic was to promote the merits of natural medicine and to encourage people in the media to actively discuss the topic. He promoted alternative solutions that could contribute to improving human health. On this journey he developed a huge interest in hemp and CBD, as they say, the rest is history.

Today his company Endoca offers a huge range of products, all produced using organically certified and cultivated hemp. Meaning these are grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides, the processes have been perfected using the latest technology, world-class equipment and cutting edge testing solutions, All designed to ensure all products are both 100% organic.

Other things you should know about Endoca CBD

This company prides itself on the production and distribution of some of the purest CBD products you can buy. Ranked among the top CBD suppliers in the world, they have this reputation for good reason. Here are some additional things you should know:

All their products are only grown on land that has been organically certified. Meaning that from planting to the CBD extraction the whole process is 100% organic.

In the area surrounding our manufacturing facility, they have built a self-sufficient and independent town with a focus on permaculture. They are wholly committed to minimizing the use of paper and plastic, and as a result, the packaging materials they employ are composed of hemp fibers. All of the machinery used to produce their CBD products is handcrafted, and the fuel is leftover restaurant garbage.

The only possible fault we could find in our research into Endoca and their products is their use of pure organic industrial hemp. While this is generally considered a good thing, these products can sometimes lack the full spectrum needed to produce what is referred to as the Entourage effect. Full-spectrum products that are being sourced purity from organic hemp do not always offer the same benefits as CBD that has been derived from cannabis Indica.

What are the best products that Endoca produce?

CBD Oils

The company is most famous for producing CBD oil. They offer a range of raw hemp oil drops and CBD oil drops in a variety of strengths from either 300 mg to 1500 mg. The key difference between raw hemp oil and hemp oil is that the process of producing hemp oil uses the filtration system that gently heats CPDa to produce the CBD.

Endoca CBD Oils

While being produced, raw hemp oil is never cooked nor filtered, keeping the CBDa completely unaltered. As a result, the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes present in the original plant are all present in their raw hemp oil products.

At the time of our research, both the CBD hemp oil and raw hemp oil cost $26 for 300mg, and the 1500mg costs $129. The 1500 ml bottles contained 15% CBD meaning they are exceptionally strong compared to most competitors. Each contains around 300 drops per bottle.

Pills and capsules

As they are made expressly to be easy to swallow, CBD pills and capsules are among the most practical and straightforward ways to take your dosage. They are the finest way, according to Endoca, to know just how much CBD you’re taking in.

The CBD capsules come in either raw or heated hemp oil, available in either 1500 or 300 mg strengths the raw hemp oil capsules contain both CBD and CBDa.

The 300mg capsules contain 10mg of CBDa or CBD, the 1500 mg capsule gives 15 mg of CBD or CBDa. The company would recommend that anyone who is new to using CBD starts with the lowest dosage. Each bottle contains 30 capsules and is priced exactly the same as the CBD oil 300mg cost me $26, and 1500 mg cost $129.

To ensure the integrity of your CBD capsules, you will need to store them in the fridge because if they are left in a warm environment CBDs can convert to CBDa.

CBD Edibles

Endoca’s most popular edibles are the CBD chewing gum range many customers find is the most pleasant way to get their dosage. Each box of chewing gum contains 10 pieces, a total of 150 mg of CBD. All their chewing gum uses also 100% natural and organic, each box will cost you $12.

Another claim made by the corporation is that their chewing gum is environmentally beneficial. When disposed of, its natural ingredients will easily dissolve and decompose, leaving just dust behind. This is quite beneficial because chewing gum and cigarette butts make up the majority of the litter in our cities and villages.

Their chewing gums’ popularity is also boosted by the fact that they are discrete and practical. You won’t have to worry about getting a burning throat or having hemp odor on your breath. The only thing you receive is a minty fresh aroma, and you also get the benefit of not having to worry about transporting CBD oil that might leak. You won’t taste the artificial mint flavor that you may with a regular gum because the flavor is obtained from natural essential oils. The manufacturer claims that you can safely swallow this chewing gum if you so choose.

How to Make CBD Gummies

Skin Care products

Using vanilla, coconut oil and ingredients such as shea butter, Endoca’s organic skincare products are so pure they’re safe to eat. But the company still recommends that you only use them for external purposes. The hemp-based whipped body buttercream sells for $82, the hemp salve for $64, and one of their most popular products is CBD lips and skin that sell for $8.

The company’s hemp salve contains an extremely high concentration of CBD up to 750mg. It is known to provide relief from any dryness. You can use on your body and your face, it includes ingredients such as Jasmine, vanilla, beeswax, coconut oil, cannabis Sativa seed oil and citrus Medica lemon peel oil.

The hemp-based whipped butter body contains an even higher dose of CBD to 1500mg per 100 ml. Rich in antioxidants, it is a nourishing ultra-moisturizing cream.

Lest we forget, the lips and skin product contains 20 mg of CBD in each tube and includes both coconut oil as well as hemp oil

Costs of Endoca CBD products

Considering the undoubted quality of the products, Endoca produce they still remain reasonably priced. Capsules start from as little as $31 they also sell CBD crystals for $48. The company also offers extensive discounts if you want to buy in higher volumes. When you look at the pricing of comparable products on the market, you will find that Endoca prices quite favorably in many cases they are actually lower.

What does a CBD oil color tell you?

A variety of decarboxylated raw hemp oils and CBD oils are produced by Endoca. Filtered, raw, and decarboxylase are the three main classifications for these. Due to the fact that raw hemp oils are never treated past the initial extraction stage, they will retain additional substances that were not lost during the filtration process, such as small amounts of large plant components, chlorophyll, terpenes, and many other things. As a result of this retention of plant material, raw hemp oil has a green tint.

Viscosity and Coloration

All Endoca oils will run medium to thick, because of the nature of raw and organic oils that have not been processed beyond the CO2 extraction point. Most remain green in color as oils that have been decarboxylated are a gold color.

What do you need to know?

For those of you who’ve never looked for lab results before purchasing CBD, here’s what you really need to know. You need to ensure that any CBD products you’re purchasing do not contain anything bad like heavy metals and you’re getting a high-quality compound for the money you are spending.

Decarboxylation is vitally important, Why?

Hemp oil that has been decarboxylated has had a carbon atom removed from the chain bike heating up the oil. Resulting in CBDa turning into CBD. This form of the oil responds better with your body’s natural cannabinoid receptors and because of this is referred to as active CBD you can tell this type of oil because it will usually have a much thicker consistency and be either black or dark green in color at room temperature.

What do you need to look for in a CBD oil?

You need to look for what’s referred to in the industry as the gold standard. In other words is CBD oil that is golden in color can be the most expensive because it has been filtered and therefore has the highest concentration of CBD.

Sourcing and materials

Due to the companies being located in the Netherlands, Endoca sources its hemp products in northern Europe. All this hemp is certified to be 100% organic, farmed in 100% organically certified ways, and produced in fully organically certified facilities.

Endoca promises to transition to fully sustainable farming practices. They started by using CO2 washing processes that allow them to use and recapture the carbon dioxide and continue to recycle it through their all-natural plant wash.

They also use a supercritical CO2 extraction method that produces a full spectrum CBD product. The CO2 that they have recycled is used in this process and applied in a liquid form to the hemp under extremely high pressures. They will not use solvents in this process, and video evidence of this is available on their website. The CBD crystals that they produce are done exclusively by this method. The company is also GMO-certified ensuring all its products are produced to pharmaceutical grade.

Independent Third-Party Testing

Did you claim that all of them are carried out by an impartial third-party testing company, that each batch of products is thoroughly tested, and that these results are publicly disclosed on their website, even if the company would not say who tests their products? Mycotoxins, heavy metals, and up to 300 different pesticides are all tested for. and to confirm, identify, and test for the presence of terpenes, cannabinoids, and CBD.

Appearance and Flavor

Due to the fact that Endoca is dedicated to using a full spectrum extraction method all their products including their chewing gums, extracts, oils, and capsules range from a dark brown to light color. All the edible hemp oil products have a natural strong taste of hemp, most of which are quite pleasant unless you are extra sensitive to bitter tastes.

The chewing gum products taste quite similar to most mint chewing gums, even though the consistency and texture will feel different.

For anyone who wants to try CBD but dislikes the taste of Hemp, they should try Endoca CBD capsules their soft gel outer covering makes them completely flavorless.

The range of topical products produced by the company, including the body butter and salves will feel identical to any other lotion or cream that you normally apply. They will however be darker in color, the addition of coconut oil or shea butter gives the product a pleasant scent.

If you’re looking for a product that’s closest to pure CBD, you should try the Endoca CBD crystals. They contain no flavor or smell, and this is why they are extremely popular for customers who want to make their own CBD products.

The suppositories are waxy and dark in color you can either insert them vaginally or rectally. Endoca will provide you which detailed instructions on the most comfortable way to insert their product

Potency levels

Endoca CBD comes in a variety of concentrations and forms anyone interested in CBD, should know what dosage they want, to find exactly something that product to meet their needs.

Endoca CBD oils are available in strong or medium varieties. they also come in either heated or raw varieties. The medium oil contains 1mg of CBD per, and the strong oil contains 5 milligrams of CBD per drop.

For anyone who’s wondering, if I could differentiate between a heated and raw oil. Raw oils still contain CBDa this which turns into CBD when heated. Consuming raw CBD hemp oil products allow customers to benefit from the rest of him in his purest form.

This is not to say that heated CBD oils do not still contain phytocannabinoids but they’re likely to be found in much lower amounts than you will in a raw oil; both still contain omega-3s and terpenes.

Endoca CBD capsules: contain CBD oils that are being wrapped in a soft gel. This allowed people to easily in swallow without having to worry about the taste of the hemp oil.

Endoca CBD extracts are very similar to their CBD oils just more concentrated and thicker. This product is effectively a CBD paste that comes in different potencies, they can be purchased either a raw or heated form.

Endoca CBD suppositories I know to be one of the most direct ways to consume CBD. the company claims their research has shown that people will absorb more CBD from using suppositories than any other method.

Endoca CBD for Dogs

The company also provides a wide range of products to help treat dogs these products are identical to the ones they provide for humans and can be ingested in a similar fashion. The difference being the level of potency that you can purchase your product. Their researchers believe that CBD can help your dog’s cognitive function, joint health and eyesight and this product can also help the fear exhibited by anxious dogs

The company’s balms, creams, and solves are available in a variety of CBD concentrations. The strong body butter product is the most potent. Many people apply topical CBD products to help treat itchy, red or dry skin. The more potent products can even help people treat muscle and joint pain

By far the most potent products that Endoca provides are their CBD crystals that can be purchased at up to 99% purity. An ideal solution for anyone who’s looking to create their own edibles or lotions or if you intend to vape.

All CBD products that have been tested to prove that they will have less than 1.3% In accordance with the law. If you do not want to risk consuming THC you should choose to use CBD crystals as these are completely free of THC.

The bottom line

It’s critical that you comprehend exactly what you’re ingesting because CBD was never intended to be used recreationally. The potency of CBD products derived from hemp was inferior to that of CBD products derived straight from cannabis. As a result, hemp’s cannabinoid profile differs significantly from that of cannabis. As a result, there will be less chance of the Entourage effect.

Scientists believe that a combination of different these chemical compounds including the terpenes and cannabinoids enhances the effect of THC and CBD consumers. Pure hemp oil CBD products do not have the same kind cannabinoid profile as cannabis, making a companies quality control process and the central concern when purchasing hemp-based CBD products.

In the absence of full governmental regulation, you need to ensure the companies that you are dealing with provide exceptional customer service a guarantee of transparency in their production methods.

Endoca is keenly aware of this and has always gone above and beyond to produce the highest-quality products for there customers. Their production process remains one of the most transparent you will see. Always posting their production methods as well as any testing results freely online. They also welcome any questions or queries from your customers. You can get in touch via email or through their website at any time they wish. Unlike other CBD producing companies they’re not afraid to hide their contact information, happy to show that they have offices in both San Diego, California, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

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