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Wisconsin used to be the main producers of industrial hemp. However, it was only in 2007 that its production of the plant got legalized. This legalization from the state only covered hemp grown with 0.0mg THC.

When the senate passed the U.S Farm Bill – 2008, this threshold was lowered, permitting the production of hemp at 0.3% maximum all over the country. This change lowered the initial threshold of CBD Oil in Wisconsin.

The legal standing of CBD in this state is tricky because it is conditional. However, in the case of cannabis, it is illegal.

Is Use of CBD Oil in Wisconsin Legalized?

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In Wisconsin, the law about possessing or using CBD oil states that the product is illegal and this is because it contains some amounts of THC which can be detectable. Accordingly, in a full-spectrum hemp oil extract, there is 0.3% THC.

This is the legally permitted percentage of THC for industrial hemp in the state. The law in Wisconsin classifies possession of the oil as a misdemeanor equal to a maximum of a 6-month jail sentence. For second-time offenders, they are charged with committing a felony which attracts a jail time of up to 3 1/2 years.

Distributing marijuana products irrespective of the mount is considered a felony. Wisconsin law on CBD oil is confusing, and people struggle with getting it right when it comes dealing with CBD products. Users of CBD have a hard time understanding of the legality of the industrial hemp in relation to the legal standing of CBD oil.

This lack of precision is the reason the state’s attorney general recommended that all state law enforcers should not enforce this particular law based on how it is written because of its lack of clarity. Thanks to this advice, CBD products are still being distributed throughout the state.

How Do I Find CBD Oil to Buy in Wisconsin?

If you are looking to purchase CBD products while in Wisconsin, you need to go online and place an order so that the oil can be shipped to your location. Ordering online is not a complicating process. You just need to find a website which has good quality CBD products for sale and acquaint yourself with what their terms offer before placing your order.

It can be pretty time-consuming to research for a reliable CBD brand. No wonder we decided to recommend Sabaidee CBD, a trustworthy online store. The store provides top-notch shipping services alongside an attractive return policy. Besides, they are a go-to company worth buying from considering that they sell premium-quality CBD products.

This products come with multiple flavors and strength options. The good thing about Sabaidee is that it is a state-of-the-art online vendor offering quality customer care. Rest assured, you’re in for excellent services!

One other place where you can go for your CBD oil is in local stores in Wisconsin, especially in the cities. The state has a good number of CBD stores that you can just walk into to buy the product.

Where in Wisconsin Can I Shop CBD Oil ?

Family Natural Foods in 910 W Grand Ave Wisconsin Rapids WI 54495

Stores you can buy CBD oil are dotted all over the main cities of Wisconsin. These stores are where to shop your prime quality CBD oil whenever you need the product. Apart from buying your product from within Wisconsin, you can also purchase it in Northern Illinois, which is across the border.

Illinois is popular around the country for having some of the best and well established CBD industries the US has ever known. Green Fields – Milwaukee: The address for Green Fields is 1237 East Brady Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202. This location is easy to reach, considering that it is in the middle of downtown Milwaukee.

The shop is loaded with wide-ranging CBD products. Their specialty is the sale of different types of vape products, some of which are CBD oils, and concentrates, tinctures, and many more. They are premium quality product sellers, and that is why they are perhaps a little pricey. Their opening and closing schedule is from 11.00 am until 8.00 pm daily.

Vap – Manitowoc: 1001 – Washington Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220 is where to find this store. The store has a good track record, especially in areas such as customer care, professionalism and adequate products. Their quality customer care is one of the most hospitable in the industry.

With attendants that understand the value in attending to customers one-on-one, the store is considered by CBD users as one of the ideal vendors to buy from in the country. Another strength of the shop is that it has extremely large quantities of vape products & kits in addition to the hemp products on sale.

Besides being great at what they do, their customer care attendants also help CBD users on how to select the product of their choice easily. Resistance Vapor: Northern Illinois: The location of this store in Illinois is 321 Irving Avenue, Woodstock. Also, its other location is in Rockford.

From these two cities to the Wisconsin border takes a few miles. 2432 S Alpine Road, Rockford Illinois, 61108 is the location of the Rockford store. This area is a strategic location for users of CBD products residing near southern Wisconsin. This store (Resistance Vapor) is loaded with lots of CBD products, some of which are capsuled CBD oils, vapes, gummies etc.

Rest assured you are dealing with a knowledgeable and dedicated staff that is always readily available to guide you to get exactly what you deserve.

Does Wisconsin Law Require a Prescription to Take CBD oil?

According to Wisconsin law, your doctor needs to prescribe a CBD product with a physician’s certificate before you can be legally permitted to use it because of its THC content.

The Attorney General advised law enforcers to relax on this requirement. However, to avoid any issues with the law, it is better to get your physician’s certificate.

2020 Wisconsin News on CBD

Wisconsin legalized industrial hemp way before the Federal Government could do anything substantial about it. In Wisconsin, the legality of CBD oil use is conditional regarding recreational and therapeutic use. From every indication, the move towards legalization is well evident.

2020 may be a year of more deregulation of CBD laws such that people can get much easier access to CBD as well as the opening of more stores across Wisconsin.

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