CBD for Dogs

CBD for Dogs

Humans and Dogs actually have a similar endocannabinoid system or ECS functions. It regulates their health by maintaining a proper balance of the body. CBD has caught the attention of many scientists. Some companies are promoting its use today in manufacturing CBD oils not only for humans but for their canine friend too. Finding the best CBD oil for themselves is only part of the interest…pet owners are now looking to find the best for their dogs too. CBD for dogs is one of the most trending things in our modern life. PureKana is a widely known and award-winning CBD product for dogs. Study its benefits, implementation and much more in this content.

How does it work?

CBD is something that has worldwide popularity among researchers, doctors, and scientists. As you have already seen the positive advantages of CBD on humans, it might feel unusual to use it on dogs. For your clarity, you must be aware of how CBD works in any human or pet’s body. Cannabidiol attaches to the receptors in every life from existing on earth. It has a similar functioning in dogs as shows in our body. CBD has the potential to prevent separation anxiety and noise phobias in dogs. Around 5% of dogs go through the condition of seizures. CBD improves works well in such condition and also assist in fighting epilepsy.

Mostly, pet owners choose pure CBD on dogs to lower the stress of separation from the owner. It also helps in lowering the old age symptoms of dogs. A dose given in the morning can enhance the mood of a pet dog. Separations are the main reason for the dog’s bad mood which is especially observed in the younger dogs. Whether you are working or away from home, dogs of all ages face a sudden change in the mood. All they love to see owners around them and feel their presence. When you are away, CBD aids in the regulation of the dog’s mood. Many times it happens that dogs miss owners but they are not aware of this fact. Just try to give your dog CBD daily once in the morning. Make sure to provide the right doses.

What dose CBD should you give to dogs?

Buying CBD for a pet and deciding the number of doses, both are tough. Once you get convinced to buy the PureKana CBD formula, it will be a great decision. As we are going to explain, it will become clear how much CBD should you give to your pet. Focus on giving the right amount. Otherwise, your pet’s health can deteriorate if you will provide more than needed.

PureKana comes in two varieties depending on the dog’s size- one is for the larger and another one is for small dogs. Small dogs required less dose in comparison to adult dogs. Owners can utilize quarter, half, or three-quarter sized treats. Dogs weighing up to 10 lbs need a single CBD treats daily in the morning time. When the size of dogs is more, it is necessary to add a half treat for every 10 lbs increase in size. Suppose a dog’s weight is 20 lbs, then you will have to give 1.5 treats. Similarly, 30 lbs of dog will require 2 treats and give 2.5 treat to a 40lbs dog. Every CBD bag consists of 25 treats for small dogs having 1 mg extract of Hemp. The larger bag will provide 20 treats each having 50 mg Hemp extract. All these estimations are rough. To know the appropriate amount, consult a veterinarian, as they know more and precise proportions.

Every HEMP Treats are Different

Manufacturers deceive customers by selling a low-quality CBD product. Some companies are taking benefit of the loose rules and regulations related to the hemp industry. They are selling CBD products that carry a negligible amount of Cannabidiol. Most of them are only using hemp powder or its seed extract to create a CBD product. And this is not a good thing. Even when hemp seeds are considered a good source of getting plant protein, they don’t have any effect on the Endocannabinoid system. CBD is mainly extracted from the leaves and flowers of industrial grown hemp plants. At PureKana, this is what experts do to prepare a world-class CBD formula for pets. They collect the same raw material which exists in CBD oil for humans.

Is CBD safe for dogs?

Before you will order any PureKana product, we want you to know that talk to Veterinarian first. We can’t guarantee safety if your dog is suffering from any infection. Our products have not shown any negative effect until now on any pet dog. Customers who are not satisfied or in any terms, this product is not working, directly contact us. We will try to give assistance in every possible way.

How CBD for dogs is different than CBD for humans?

PureKana CBD for dogs composed of the same ingredients that are found in CBD for humans. Also, both are extracted with the help of CO2. Solvents aren’t a good way to extract cannabidiol from hemp plants. Hence, no probability of any difference. However, CBD for humans has similar taste in every product. In the case of CBD for dogs, the manufacturer ensures the implementation of multiple flavors. This increases the chances that your dog will like it. Indubitably, PureKana CBD for dogs is unique and many things distinguish it from other brands.

Why does your pet need CBD products?

Plenty of reasons are there to prefer our CBD products. Customers who have bought our products can tell you how these can benefit your pet. Many people have used these PureKana CBD treats but keep in mind it will not treat or prevent any disease. The busy life of owners keeps them away from pets. Employing these treats will work as a stress booster.

Can your pet get a “high” feeling?

No, humans who use CBD pills or oils don’t feel high. It is a non- psychoactive component that can’t make anyone high. PureKana CBD products have a THC concentration of 0.3%. It is safe for humans and animals to consume.

How to purchase the right product for your pet?

PureKana values simplicity by serving the wide CBD product for dogs in two different ranges as we told you earlier. Initiate giving your dog a treat of 1 mg when he is less than 10 pounds. If your dog’s weight is 40 pounds, make sure he is consuming 2.5 mg CBD. It may seem a smaller amount to you but that’s enough during the beginning. Later, this concentration can be increased according to the dog’s behavior. They can’t speak and when they do, we fail to understand. This is why it becomes important to determine what can be best for them.

Can you try CBD oil made for humans to dogs?

It would be a mistake to even think of that. The concentration of hemp extract in oils is higher and intolerable to dogs. If a dog is weighing more than 40 pounds, try to keep the concentration of CBD to 2.5 mg. In contrast to the CBD concentration that human takes daily, this is fairly low for pets. Therefore, the CBD oil you use is unsafe for pets. Don’t give something that can be harmful to dogs. There’s a range of PureKana products specifically for pets.

What amount of CBD oil should I give?

We are specialized in offering CBD treats and not CBD oils. In any case, we don’t recommend it to any owner. Our CBD treats are available in comfortable sizes. These are particularly designed and formulated for your dogs. When you want to prefer CBD oils, then accurate doses that you are giving are hard to determine. Actually, taking a measurement is tricky. Now, you have the option to go with either CBD oil or our best-designed treats. We would suggest you research both and see what your dog likes the most. When you have no other option, CBD oils are the only alternative. It’s impossible to force pet dogs to eat something they hate. We kept the ingredients in the perfect proportion and still convincing a dog to eat them isn’t in our control.

How to give CBD to dogs?

Do you find it challenging giving our CBD treats to pet dogs? Don’t worry; it’s quite simple when you know to take care of your pet. PureKana CBD is delicious. We know your dog will love it. CBD oils are complex when you want to supply to dogs but PureKana treats are easy to take. Several flavors to choose from include Blueberry & Chicken or Peanut Butter & Pumpkin. This combination is irresistible to any dog in this world. We won’t suggest CBD oils because their effectiveness is not up to the owner’s expectations. If you wish to apply CBD oils then take the veterinarian’s consultation. Don’t do something without asking them. Nobody wants to lose their pet so avoid CBD oils if possible.


Cannabidiol when mixed with other ingredients, PureKana creates an incredible range of various products. All our products are quick acting and safe for your pets. Give them the unconditional love which they deserve. The pain of separation can be seen in their eyes. Shower love on them with our wide range of CBD products.

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