CBD American Shaman Review: Unbiased 2023


Marijuana is one of the oldest ancient herbs used for healing, and healers from native America use it abundantly. This is where American Shaman gets its name from.

The brand manufactures a vast variety of products, particularly CBD. Some of these products serve a purpose in the cosmetic industry, while others are popular for their therapeutic uses.

Even though they are commonly used as a treatment for pain, topical creams are mainly meant for cosmetic reasons.

CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp plants, and the substance is formulated as an isolate or a hemp oil rich with terpene.

What is CBD?

Check out our FAQ for a good primer on CBD 101. Also, we’ve catalogued much of the scientific studies on the benefits of CBD. As most of you probably know, Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a popular organic compound most commonly found inside marijuana. Along with tetrahydrocannabinol and many other compounds in the same class, they are known as cannabinoids.

This drug is frequently utilized for this reason because it has long been known to have positive health effects. Even while legal restrictions prevent its use in some areas of the world, most regions have begun to allow CBD’s use in the field of health.

The mechanism of CBD is that it connects to your endocannabinoid system. This system is a vast organ structure spread across the entire human body and the other vertebrates’ bodies.

After connecting to your organ system, CBD manipulates your body’s functions for the entire time that it is residing inside you.

Pain reduction, decreased inflammation, and sleep induced by relaxation, reduced anxiety, depression, and stress are some of the most common and frequently found effects of CBD on your body. Some other therapeutic effects are also associated with this substance, such as reduction of cancer-related symptoms and treatment of acne. Some experts suggest it also has neuroprotective properties as well as favorable characteristics for patients of heart diseases.

Other less popular but interesting advantages of CBD includes antipsychotic features, aid in substance-abuse recovery, anti-tumor properties, and prevention of diabetes. 

However, proper knowledge of the substance is necessary as well. Thus, make sure that you consult your doctor or a medical health professional before taking any doses of CBD.

CBD American Shaman

cbd american shaman review cbd oil

American Shaman is one of the companies that produces CBD, and several of its products have unique qualities that set them apart from rivals. The first company to incorporate nanotechnology into its CBD products is an American showman. CBD molecules are broken down using nanotechnology to make them simpler for the body to absorb.

Conventionally, the CBD products that are widely used, like oils or tinctures, are almost always based on oil. Manufacturers have to separate the desired oil, which would supposedly facilitate effective absorption of CBD inside the body.

American Shaman has greatly improved its research and has successfully produced CBD oils that are water-soluble. This achievement makes this CBD more than ten times better in terms of bioavailability as compared to the competitive CBD oils.

Even while this information is fascinating, there haven’t been any operating tests by other independent laboratories to evaluate the consequences of this cutting-edge technology. Industrial hemp cultivated in America is where American Shaman obtains its organic CBD. This is accomplished by the safe and efficient CO2 extraction process. Additionally, the business offers discounts to those with chronic illnesses, veterans, and others who cannot otherwise afford it.

American Shaman Products

The idea of CBD has been warmly received around the world and is becoming a trend. Similar to this, the market’s selection of CBD products is expanding over time. Choosing the right CBD product might be challenging because there are so many CBD firms with similar offerings. You will be shocked by how perplexing all of these things may become, even if you are a seasoned consumer. However, the reviews that follow can assist you with this issue.

American Shaman has various types of CBD oriented products, each of which is meant to serve a particular purpose.

We have broken it down for your ease so that you can comfortably decide what you want to buy.

CBD Tinctures

American Shaman has the best variety in CBD tinctures, just like its competitor CBD companies. These tinctures vary in terms of their potency and compositions. Some of them are full-spectrum hemp extracts with dominant CBD, while others include a combination of isolates of CBD and terpene. The result is a unique combination of both substances.

The tincture with water-soluble qualities is the most fascinating CBD oil offered by American Shaman. Utilizing liposomal technology, it is created. By using this method, the CBD molecules are nearly 10 times more absorbable than the CBT molecules in conventional tinctures.

No company before American Shaman has been able to use this technology to produce tinctures.

This product induces practical effects such as quicker, more intense effects of CBD.

This product is manufactured under the names “Water-soluble full-spectrum hemp oil” and “CBD extra strength water-soluble.”

CBD Capsules

Just like the process of food absorption in the body, capsules are swallowed, and then they are released into the consumer’s bloodstream. This product is entirely different from tinctures. Those are absorbed straight into your blood when you put a few drops under your tongue.

Capsules may take longer to work, but they are more discrete, which is a good thing. Without anyone noticing, they can be taken at any time and anywhere. which of these American Shaman capsules contains 15mg of CBD. This enables you to exert more control over how much CVD you consume each day.

For people who are taking the substance as a part of their daily regimen to manage a certain disease or condition, capsules are a suitable option. The reason behind this is that it allows you to keep a record of how many you take every day, and also because they release slowly into the blood, and take longer to act. The capsule casings are made using plant cellulose, and CPD’s base consists of coconut oil. Thus, the whole capsule is organic.

CBD Candy

If you like sweet things, this product might be your best choice. American Shaman manufacturers candy that is infused with CBD. The package consists of eight candy pieces and 25mg CBD. The candy comes in different flavors, and all of them are sweet. These flavors are watermelon, blueberry, cherry, and mint chip, so you choose one according to your personal preference.

The one setback of this candy is that Red40 is one of its ingredients. This substance is not necessarily illegal, but the FDA has flagged it for having possible harmful effects on users. Thus, proper research material and lab reports are needed for this matter.

CBD Tropicals

The purpose of topical creams is relief from painful or unpleasant symptoms as well as cosmetic uses by applying the product on the skin, outside of the body. Topical creams are a great way to aid the body without putting anything inside your internal systems or puncturing your skin. This cream consists of skin-care compounds, organic in nature. These include aloe vera, as well as vitamins A, D, and E. These ingredients are merged with 500 grams full-spectrum CBD oil that is rich with terpene.

Apart from the cream, American Shaman also has solutions for your various skin-care problems. They manufacture beauty products like lip balms, body lotions for hydration, bath balms, and serums for the under-eyes, and all of these products contain CBD.

The serum for under-eyes guarantees the removal of the unwanted puffiness around your eyes, and these serums are supposedly more effective than tea bags. However, the product has not been tested thoroughly, and concerns about its safety and effectiveness are, thus, not resolved.

American Shaman CBD pet care

The company caters to the demands of your pet in addition to those of humans. The company’s most recent creations include tinctures and other products for animals. These medicines include tinctures for treating canine joint discomfort as well as issues with skin and fur.

There are also other products like treats containing eggs, sausages, milk, peanut butter, and coconut. But the exciting part is that they are all infused with CBD and are suitable to fulfill your dog’s medical problems.

As for cats, American Shaman manufacturers CBD treats that are flavored with catnip. Your cat can be fed these products as supplements along with other medicines for its disease, if any.

Where to buy CBD American Shaman

The trend of CBD is quickly rising. It means that the market is prone to fake products and scams. To make sure that you are buying the original products, American Shaman has its professional website where you can purchase the products that you need straight from the brand. The company will manage your shipping and send your order to your location. You can refer to CBD stores of American Shaman if you want to opt for cash and carry. You can find the locations of these stores on the company’s website.

American Shaman Pros

American Shaman products offer multiple advantages that give it an upper hand over competitive products available on the market.

Fair price

The company is popular and beneficial for several reasons. Being budget-friendly is one of them. Even though the prices range from 90 dollars to approximately $110, the topical creams and edible products are always affordable, costing from 10 to 30$ only. The CBD oil by American Shaman is priced around $60 but lasts longer, so it is cost-effective. The company also offers a guarantee of money back.

All organic

As per the information given on their online site, the company only utilizes non-GMO hemp to manufacture its products. It is essential to the company’s ultimate goals that the raw material is entirely organic.

Proprietary Nanotechnology

American Shaman utilizes nanotechnology for the breakdown of CPD to form smaller nanoparticles. This technique makes their products more efficient, effective, and increases their absorption capacity. However, scientific communities have yet to give their verdict on this method so that its effectiveness can be verified.

Products for everyone

American Shaman ensures that all adults may easily and amicably deal with their anxieties and other issues. They make sure that you can accomplish your aim by only ingesting sweets, oil drops, or cream. You can also decide whether you prefer a favorite taste or a natural flavour. You are free to select whatever suits your preferences. American Shaman therefore has something to offer everyone.

American Shaman Cons

There are only two known side effects of CBD. One of them is a lack of transparency.

While the company may advocate the quality of the products, no employee or a legal address is referenced on their main, professional website. Hopefully, these details will be added soon.

The other negative aspect includes lab test results and the lack of them. The company does not display or reveal any lab reports by third parties. To gain the trust of their customers, it is important that the company looks into this and adds such reports to their own lab results. This will help gain the confidence of their customers and increase the liability of the products’ quality.

Final thought

One of the several things that make this company unique is its creative processes. They prefer to invest in development and research to make sure your CBD experience is the best. One great example of bold innovation by the company is the American Shaman water-soluble CBD.

This product has really made them stand out from the crowd.

The company is also popular for its charity and generous mindset. American Shaman offers and discounts to veterans and people who have chronic conditions, all people who genuinely need the products but are unable to afford them. This indicates the kind attitude of the brand and that, to them, it is more about the people than it is about the profits.

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