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cannabliss cbd oil review

CannaBliss Labs has a simple goal: “to improve quality of life, naturally.” So says their website, which is super user-friendly. Marketing their brand as open, honest, and pure, CannaBliss Labs offers a standard variety of CBD products.

They acknowledge that the CBD market is confusing. That’s why they like to keep things simple for their customers who may be new to the world of CBD.  

Their CBD is derived from hemp through an extraction process free of solvents. CannaBliss Labs uses 100% of the hemp plant to produce their CBD. Their website days that their products are made using all-natural, sustainable sources. The hemp used in their production is grown in the USA. Simple, and straight-forward.  

Like many things in life, you just won’t know until you try it for yourself. This is especially true when it comes to products related to personal health and wellness. On their website, they make it clear that what benefits one person may not benefit another. We all have different tastes!

People who benefit from CBD are taking it for all kinds of reasons. Most often, CBD is used to cope with anxiety, stress, insomnia, chronic pain, and other conditions. People react differently to CBD depending on why they’re taking it. 

Of course, as the CannaBliss website says, taking natural supplements like CBD can’t replace a doctor’s advice. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, anxiety, depression, or any other life-interrupting symptoms and are unsure as to why, you should absolutely get professional medical help.

Depending on your condition, it may be possible that you should not take CBD. Or, your doctor may say it’s alright. Just do the right thing, and don’t self-diagnose! 

That being said, CannaBliss Labs makes it clear that their goal is to provide natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs for all kinds of health issues. 

Getting back to the specifics of their products, they offer capsules, gummies, pain balm, and tinctures. 

What makes CannaBliss special?

cannabliss cbd oil review

CannaBliss labs offers standard CBD products, but some have a special twist: they taste good! Many of them are also blended with other herbs to increase their effectiveness, such as their sleep tincture. 

Their CBD oil is unique in that they offer a variety containing peppermint. These are great because CBD is known to taste bitter onits own. For some people, it can be unpleasant to consume CBD products. They want the health benefits, so they do it anyway, but without much enjoyment. 

CannaBliss CBD oil is very popular, despite the sudden explosion in the availability of CBD products and increased competition. 

A nice feature about CannaBliss Labs is that they offer consultations with “relief specialists.” They do this because they know that dosage will vary from person-to-person. They want their customers to be well-informed and to receive personalized care when selecting the CBD product that’s right for them. 

Another reason CannaBliss is special is that each product is third-party lab tested. This is an important feature to look for when purchasing CBD because it indicates product integrity. If a company tested their own products, they may be suspected of making the product look better than it is. The third-party lab test is an easy way to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for. 

Also, their products do not contain any THC! That’s a relief for those looking to avoid any THC at all. 

CannaBliss offers multiple strengths of CBD in their products. The same product can be found in a variety of strengths, so you can pick the right one for you. 

There are various packages and promotions to help you find some good deals on a valuable item like CBD. 

They offer a high-quality product which has been produced using raw materials and “state of the art” extraction. While they don’t clarify what their extraction method is, they do say that it is solvent-free. 

CannaBliss labs seeks to expand their product line. Look out for more ways to enjoy your CBD treats!

Featured Products

Full-spectrum CBD Oil Peppermint Drops

These are a hit! First, the ingredients are simple and clean: cold-pressed hemp seed oil, full-spectrum pcr, and hemp oil. There are also “natural flavors.” These peppermint drops are easy to take because they taste great! You can finally get the benefits of CBD without the bitterness. 

At $59.99, you get 16 servings. Each serving is about 20 drops. The bottle contains 500 mg of CBD. That’s actually a great value. 

You can also get more concentrated drops. There are eight bottle sizes and CBD concentrations to choose from! 

The variety and enjoyable taste make this a go-to CBD product. It even has a dropper for easy measuring!

CBD Softgels

These are also an easy-to-swallow product. Perhaps the best part is that they’re fast acting! 

These full-spectrum softgels come in various concentrations as well, and range from $59.95-79.95. You can get around 10 mg of CBD per serving, depending on the concentration you choose. 

CannaBliss CBD softgels are a great choice for people looking to promote calmness. They’re a natural sleep aid because they contain nano CBD along with GABA, valerian, and hemp extract. 

What a combo! Say hello to your relaxation time with these little softgels.

Nice Dreams Tincture

The name is self-explanatory, but in all seriousness, this is a great product. People suffering from insomnia will love that this tincture can be enjoyed as a nighttime elixir. 

CannaBliss has ingeniously combined CBD with melatonin and stevia to create a yummy, sleep-inducing tincture. 

Each bottle contains 100 mg of CBD, and a serving is 20 drops. This will help you fall asleep and wake up refreshed!

The bottle costs $59.95. You can also choose to buy their 12-pack of Nice Dreams Sleep Shots for $48. 

Muscle Freeze Gel

The Muscle Freeze gel is great for people suffering from pain. It comes in broad-spectrum and runs at $49.95. The container holds 80 ml of gel, and in total has 250 mg of CBD. 

This topical treatment can be used to find relief from achy muscles, tenderness, and general pain. 

Pros & Cons


There are several solid pros to the CannaBliss Labs line of CBD products. 

First, their products are all vegan-friendly! That’s a huge relief for people who are concerned about ethical production of health supplements. Oftentimes, capsules and softgels are coated in animal-derived gelatin. It’s nice to know that no animals were harmed in the making of these CBD products!

CannaBliss offers great shipping. Typically, it takes only five to seven business days through USPS.

Overall, Canna Bliss offers products aimed at providing natural relief for health issues as an alternative to pharmaceutical medications. It seems that they are seeking to produce CBD goods in an ethical way and truly care about helping to promote healthy lifestyles along with relief from chronic issues.  


While CannaBliss offers a nice variety of CBD goodies, a main concern is the lack of transparency with regard to their production. 

Their extraction method is not specified on the product or their website, yet they claim that it is high quality. High quality may be a stretch if they are not able to specify the exact production method of their CBD. It’s possible that they are using harsh chemicals in their extraction method. The main concern is that either way, they do not specify.

They also aren’t clear about how they source their ingredients. For instance, they state that their CBD is sourced from organic industrial hemp, but don’t mention any specifics about where it’s grown in the US. 

There are several products, such as the gummies, which contain artificial colors and flavors. Many people who are into CBD are health-conscious, so consuming these types of unnatural ingredients would be out of the question. 

Along the same line, their pain balm contains EDTA and phenoxyethanol. These are chemical preservatives which you may or may not feel comfortable absorbing into your skin. 

The main point here is not to say that CannaBliss is not worth trying. Some people may not mind the artificial ingredients or lack of product-transparency. We just want you to be aware of what you’re purchasing. 

CannaBliss Labs claims that their products are premium quality, but there is a real lack of specific labeling and evidence to back up their claim.

What we like about CannaBliss Labs CBD

We recommend CannaBliss Labs CBD for individuals who are looking to find the right product for their needs. 

The fact that they love to promote healthy living is great. Their products are affordable and easy to enjoy on the fly. 

They also offer a variety of products from sleep aids to pain relief. Variety is always great! They make sure to include what are becoming “classics” in the CBD world: tinctures, gummies, and pain balms. 

They do promise to use only natural and premium ingredients. Labeling and specification could be improved, but their products are relatively clean. 

CannaBliss Labs really does seem to want to improve people’s quality of life. If you’re in the market to try some great-tasting, consumer-friendly products, give CannaBliss a try!

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