Can CBD Improve Muscle Gains?

When cannabis is in mind, you might automatically think about the high sensation. Associating the same with CBD however – is wrong. That’s because the psychoactive element of the plant is dependent on another potent cannabis substance known as THC. CBD acts a little bit more quietly, often engaging cannabinoid receptors, which are normally activity with THC and a much more indirect manner. So, when searching for the best cbd oil money can buy, add muscle gain as another benefit to justify the cost.

This difference leads to CBD having different effects, like reportedly mitigating seizures and offering sleep benefits for certain disease populations. In this article, we’re going to focus on how recently CBD has been marketed heavily for something much more exercise-related; more specifically on physique building. This is something that fitness enthusiasts might want to get into, especially if they themselves or their clients are planning on trying CBD.

Does It Directly Affect Muscles?

Some people, including yourself maybe, might believe that CBD has helped in some way with their workouts; like improving soreness or lifting heavier. The studies show? Well nothing, because in terms of CBD and exercise research, we really don’t have any. The research that many media articles and CBD companies tout for CBD’s recovery benefits aren’t really on exercise recovery but on inflammation. And these studies on inflammation either use rat models or pertain to specific diseases like multiple sclerosis.

The scientific connection again is not on performance per se, but on anxiety, and again we don’t see research exhibiting anxiety relief specifically to one being able to lift heavier or something. Instead, we see multiple studies on specific settings like public speaking; but yes, generally reducing anxiety might help you perform better.

Maturity of The Studies

CBD research is still in its very early infancy, much to do with this legality. Only recently being partially absolved. Maybe in the future, we will see more data suggesting CBD can help. Tossing a bunch of claims around when we don’t know much can have negative outcomes. A good dose of CBD for workout and physical activities isn’t something that has been given a standard as well in the first place.

Another problem is that over the counter CBD products are often improperly labeled. A 2017 study found that only about 30% of 84 tested consumers CBD products were accurately labeled and worst yet 20% of them had moderately high traces of THC even though they’re labeled to contain none. Again, CBD for exercise is still a premature topic and would require ample work of research from the consumer’s end.

This certain topic is definitely something we need to give time to. With this quick discussion on the matter, the article aims to at least drive home the importance of not rushing to conclusions so quickly – especially on matters regarding health.

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