Can CBD Help with IBS?

CBD has been shown to be extremely effective in combating IBS symptoms.  …Mainly because of its ability to reduce inflammation in the gut.

This has been proven in a few scientific studies which have shown that CBD oil can help with IBS by reducing inflammation in the gut. And as you well know, inflammation is a big cause for IBS symptoms. Now, that said, the research is still young and there’s much more to be done…but the early results are extremely encouraging.  Plus, the fact that CBD has little to no adverse side effects, makes it very easy to try it in your regimen.  The reason why they think it works is because the cannabinoid receptors are activated.

After ingesting the best cbd oil you can find, the reaction with your body leads to inhibiting the secretion of gastrointestinal fluid in the gut, which can then reduce the inflammation which, in turn, targets the source of IBS symptoms.

Because CBD has also been shown to be very effective at treating anxiety (and even depression), many folks use it to treat both anxiety and IBS.  This isn’t uncommon, as the cortisol from stress also causes lack of sleep as well as inflammation.  The idea is that CBD oil can “kill 2 birds with 1 stone” (so to speak).  The problem with CBD oil is, actually, that it’s not cheap (at least the quality brands aren’t)….so, while you can’t really overdo the dosage (at least not from a health perspective), you can can from a wallet perspective. It does cost a lot of money and you don’t want to build a tolerance to it that you don’t really need to have.

So what we recommend is to start relatively low and work your way up. Once you start seeing some relief then maintain that amount dosage each day. Once a day is generally fine.  We’re always testing different brands (and we have our favorites), so it’s hard to say (since dosages differ) but usually take it up once a day, even the tinctures or the soft shells.  Just keep in mind how much you take since different “recommended” dosages  can range anywhere from 15 milligrams to 3000 milligrams.

The main question we get a lot is, is “how to take it”. And there’s two ways I like to take CBD.  Many people (including myself) actually prefer the soft gels (or gummies). Soft gels are just normal pills that you might take like normal vitamins.  I like it for a few reasons. One is that you actually absorb more of the oil this way. So you’re better bang for your buck and you’ll see symptom relief faster or not faster, but, but more symptom relief from it.  Also you can dose it exactly properly or excuse me properly…so if you need to take two pills, you know exactly how much you’re getting.  I’ve mentioned CBD gummies (which I LOVE) but another way I like to take it sometimes is through the tinctures or the drops. This is good. If you need immediate relief, but your body doesn’t absorb as much, but you do get that immediate relief, which is nice.

Keep in mind with edibles (including gummies), these MIGHT irritate your gut more than softgels or oil…especially if you’re treating IBS.  We categorically recommend NO vaping…the quality is low, there are a surprising amount of toxins in those products.  Just stay away.

Final thoughts – CBD can be very effective against treating IBS and is certainly worth a shot.  Start with a low dosage and probably stay away from edibles to start.  As always, stick with the best CBD brands and enjoy your improved health!

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