Looking for the Best CBD Oil?

Finding the Best CBD Oils

The CBD industry grows with each passing day. Many new companies surfaced online within the last year. Though the industry is growing, few are destined to last long. Despite this, companies are striving to make quality products.

What is CBD?

Even if you don’t know what it is, chances are you’ve heard of CBD. CBD has become extremely popular in recent years, showing up in everything from shampoos to coffee and gummy bears. People use it to combat stress, depression, anxiety, seizure disorders, gastrointestinal disease, and even pet health. 

But, what is it?

CBD oil is a remarkable, naturally occurring compound which is found in the cannabis sativa plant. It is a chemical compound known as a cannabinoid. There are hundreds of cannabinoids, and CBD is just one of them. Although it is found in the cannabis sativa plant, it will not get you high. We’ve got to say that off the bat, because this may be the most common misconception surrounding CBD. We don’t want to perpetuate a false stigma around a wonderfully healing, healthy, and naturally occurring compound. 

How does CBD work?

Your body is designed to process CBD. There are actually cannabinoid receptors in your brain and throughout your body which are designed to process CBD. This means that your body knows just what to do with CBD as a supplement, and can likely process it much better than any synthetic medication. 

There are various options you have when choosing a CBD product. First, you have broad-spectrum vs. full-spectrum. Broad-spectrum CBD is essentially CBD isolate. That means that there is no THC. Full-spectrum CBD contains the whole plant profile, including trace amounts of THC. However, the legal limit is 0.3% THC. That will not get you high.

The main difference between pharmaceutical medications and CBD is that your body is naturally programmed to process CBD via the endocannabinoid system. Prescription medicines either stimulate or block various receptors in order to regulate whatever your health issue is. While these medications can be highly effective and life-saving, your body has to learn how to process them. You’re much more prone to side effects with prescription medications.

Can a CBD product make you high?

The answer to this question is simple, NO, because THC and CBD have some similarities they do not work in the same fashion. THC is considered a psychoactive chemical because it can either affect our altar a person’s mental state, this can also cause you to fail a drug test

By contrast, CBD gives people a boost in mental clarity and helps improve your focus. It is important to remember that some CBD oils do contain trace elements of THC. This is generally because cheaper products do not go to the trouble of completely removing the THC that is found naturally in hemp.

When choosing CBD products, look for one that contains less than 0.3% THC these adhere to the legal requirements of most states. The THC level of the results should be visible in either the ingredient list or on a product’s packaging.

Many people do not react in the same fashion to CBD; every person is endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors, as well as your body chemistry, can reject the trace amounts of THC.

For your safety take the process in a step-by-step fashion particularly when it comes to choosing the size of the doses you take

Who can benefit from CBD?

The amazing thing about CBD is that it is incredibly versatile in terms of what it can treat. Many people experience improvement in physical and psychological well being. The potential benefits of CBD have been experienced by people suffering from anxiety, depression, digestive disorders such as IBS and nausea, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, psychosis, cancer, alzheimer’s, sleep disorders, arthritis and general joint pain, and even cancer. 

Fortunately, the world’s perception of CBD’s legitimacy is rising. In a study released by the WHO, they report that CBD can really benefit people suffering from these debilitating conditions. The WHO also stated that there is no indication of potential for addiction to or abuse of CBD. 

Many people come to CBD after they’ve maxed out all other options in the mainstream medical system. Prescription medications seem to have endless lists of adverse side-effects, and hardly anyone wants to be on them long-term. After trying prescription after prescription only to have symptoms subside temporarily, people get frustrated. They start to question whether they’re treating the root of their medical issues, or only the symptoms. 

CBD appeals to people who are looking for relief from pain in all its various forms, yet without the adverse side effects of pharmaceutical medications. Many people who benefit from CBD value natural health treatments with a holistic approach, treating the root of the problem rather than covering up symptoms. 

Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil

Hemp and CBD oils at entirely different chemical compounds, too many people are entirely unaware of this. A lot of brands on the market used innovative advertising campaigns that leave consumers believing that CBD and Hemp’s oils are the same.

Hemp seeds are used to produce hemp seed oil. These seeds are full of minerals, healthy fats and are a good source of protein and low in THC. Hemp oil does not contain any phytocannabinoids, so it has none of the same therapeutic benefits of CBD oil.

Taking hemp seed oil as a food additive or food supplement may be beneficial for your health, they can also be applied to the skin. The flowers, stems, leaves, and buds of the cannabis plant are used to manufacture CBD oil. This can be used as a lotion, balm, moisturizer cream, or taken as an oral supplement.

Are there different types of CBD?

At the moment, there are three distinctive types of CBD oil products on the market. For a deeper dive, read our different on full spectrum vs isolate CBD.

A CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD oil you can buy. This is processed in a way that removes the I need him compound leaving only CBD. For people looking for a THC, that they can trust they should buy a CBD isolate

A full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the natural compounds of cannabis and hemp, including THC. They also contain terpenes and many other essential nutrients, and they are known to produce what is known as the “Entourage effect” where these compounds can combine and can work together, these type of products sometimes have a stronger effect.

A broad-spectrum CBD oil will keep on going to shul compounds of him but without any THC. Taking these products can also produce the Entourage effect but without having to worry about consuming any THC

Is CBD legal?

Marijuana is specifically bred to produce a higher level of THC and a low level of CBD. The vast majority of the product produced has more than 30% THC less than 0.2% CBD. The contrast has much higher levels of CBD and only contains trace amounts of THC.

The agriculture improvement act of 2018 also known as the United States Farm Bill completely legalized the production of hemp-derived CBD, once you can be tested and it contains less than 0.3% THC

On the other hand, CBD derived from marijuana is still illegal under the controlled substances act. Marijuana usage in the majority of u.s. states and still considered Illegal this bill imposes strict regulations on hemp farmers meaning that they need to produce their hemp in a manner that is consistent with the terms of the statement as well as other state regulations

To put it simply, even if the CBD product just produced hemp and still contains the legal limit of THC you can still be considered illegal if the empress grew in any manner that is different from what the federal regulations require.

Before purchasing any CBD product, you should always do your research understand the laws of your stage and how they will affect any purchasing decision.

Contact CBD manufacturers directly to know if they can legally ship CBD products to your area.

What are the known benefits of using CBD oils?

CBD oil is recognized to influence the health and wellness of people who take it. Because of this CBD is becoming more and more popular and is believed to help manage a vast range of symptoms that include

What is the best way to use CBD oil?

The most effective CBD oils are full-spectrum oils as these contain all the essential chemical compounds that can be naturally sourced from the plant. They also include the complete cannabinoid profile, terpenes and other essential oils.

CBD oils can be administered from a bottle to the use of a dropper. Allowing people to consume the oil buy scented casing a couple of drops under their tongue I’m waiting about 15 to 20 seconds before swallowing Others make their own to mix of CBD oil with other essential oils to experience the benefits of both. A few drops of CBD oil can be combined with chamomile and bergamot oil to help treat anxiety and depression.

IT generally takes about 30 minutes to an hour for the effects of CBD oil to become noticeable, on the other hand, the benefits can last anything from four to six hours depending on the size of your dosage.

As every person would react differently to consuming CBD, there is no exact guideline to follow our streak recommendations about the size and amount of CBD you should consume daily.

CBD for Pain

Research conducted in 2008 tested CBD and its ability to relieve chronic pain. This involves reviewing studies that were conducted between 1980 and 2007; the results deemed that CBD for pain management was quite effective without any adverse side effects.

A double-blind controlled study conducted in 2007, showed me that CBD was effective at reducing neuropathic pain. A further study conducted in 2016 showed that CBD might be effective in managing arthritic pain.

Further studies conducted on rats revealed that after four days of dosage, researchers found a reduction in discomfort in the joints of the rants and a reduced internal inflammation.

These are just a few of the many studies that have revealed how effective CBD can be relieving muscle pain and other forms of discomfort which is why CBD for athletes has become increasingly popular as a treatment for both joint pain as well as muscle gain. Read more about what the research says on CBD for muscle gains here.

In our Mission Farms CBD Review, we explain how combining essential oils with CBD can naturally enhance the compounds in each with result in an ability to target specific pains.

CBD for Anxiety

Research has revealed that CBD oils possess properties, not unlike an antidepressant. When taken in the correct dosage CBD to reduce paranoia and anxiety as well as enhanced news. Further studies show me that it is effective at reducing stress as well as tackling some of the symptoms of PTSD.

Trials conducted on 24 different individuals who had a diagnosis of social anxiety. Half were given a placebo, and the other half was given 600 mg of CBD before taking a public speaking test. The group who received the CBD supplements noticed they experienced far less stress, cognitive impairment, or anxiety during the test than the placebo or control group.

CBD for Epilepsy

CBD has proven to be extremely effective in treating Epilepsy. The very first CBD based drug that was ever approved by the FDA was Epidolex. The drug was passed due to its ability to treat rare and severe forms of Epilepsy and help patients manage the symptoms. While the medical uses of CBD are still argued the most States, it has been widely used for epilepsy treatment since the 2000s

The role of this wonder drug and played in the reduction of potentially fatal seizures is what brought it to the limelight. This happened in and around the same time, the family of a young girl was suffering up to 300 seizures a week and had been desperately looking for a way to treat her.

They initially purchased cannabis plants at extremely high prices and extracted the oil by hand. After giving this oil to their daughter the CBD, they began to notice a considerable reduction in the frequency of her seizures. This was truly a life-changing event for the family and many other Americans as it sparked an essential debate and other legislative battles, the battle to gain medical status for marijuana across the United States.

CBD for Insomnia

The most common sleep disorder in America is insomnia; It affects up to 30% of adults and some stage in their lives, while 10% of people struggle from chronic insomnia.

The problems associated with a lack of sleep run far deeper than just feeling tired the next day. If you have chronic insomnia, it can severely affect your ability the function and can be the root of a variety of different medical problems. It is also known to make people prone to critical mistakes at work which have led to a compromise in their ability to work safely.

If you are suffering from sleep problems and are looking to improve the quality of your sleep, you should first seek medical help. Many traditional sleep medications can easily and safely be prescribed. Although these medications are known to be effective; they can and do have long-lasting effects. some of the more troublesome ones include digestive issues, loss of balance, dependency, dizziness and even addiction

CBD oils can help people suffering from sleep disorders obtain relief from REM sleep behaviour disorder, excessive daytime sleepiness, and obstructive sleep apnea.

CBD for SkinCare

Over-oxidation is the enemy of skin. By reducing elasticity and blood flow, the toxins we face every day are slowly aging our skin. As has been shown, full-spectrum CBD is an extremely powerful, natural, antioxidant and is actually more powerful than vitamins A, C and E combined (which are often touted for their collective antioxidant properties).

Furthermore, CBD has been shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory which has robust healing properties for those suffering from acne, ecsema or other autoimmune skin disorders. In our Mission Farms CBD Review, we detail their use of CBD with goat’s milk in creating creams that are truly one of a kind in delivering the very best nature has to offer in keeping your skin youthful. In our Endoca CBD Review, we detail how the Dutch company has leveraged their pharmaceutical background to produce some of the most cutting edge CBD creams available.

The good news is:

Luckily CBD oil is unlikely to have any of the same adverse side effects as traditional pharmaceuticals, and it can even promote more balance person’s body and help naturally regulate their sleep.

CBD for Diabetes

People living with type 1 diabetes find it difficult to manage their condition and as it regularly doesn’t correlate with their lifestyles. This autoimmune disorder causes a people’s immune system to destroy the cells of the pancreas, which results in the body being unable to produce insulin which regulates the bodies blood sugar levels.

Any person with diabetes who fails to manage the condition correctly can expect to suffer more complications, such as kidney disorders and even extreme cardiovascular damage.

Studies conducted on mice indicate that anti-inflammatory properties shown in CBD have proven to be very helpful in treating type 1 diabetes in the pancreas. The study was published in Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation. It’s not unusual for initial studies to be conducted in mice before results begin to affect future human trials.

Pain management, what dosage should you take?

Experts suggest that before dosing with CBD, you should send out your own goals. Identify exactly what type of and severity of painting you want to minimize. Your body weight would also be a critical factor in your consideration. Combining these three factors will allow you to manage your first dosage effectively.

  • If you’re not suffering from severe pain, you should probably restrict yourself to find the 10 mg daily.
  • People suffering from moderate pain you can start with a higher dosage of 10 to 20 mg.
  • To find relief from severe pain, you may want to dosage I’m up to 40 mg per day.
  • Human trials have used dosages of anything from 20 to 1500 mg per day.

Why should you start with a lower dosage?

Studies of showing the different people react differently to cannabis compounds depending on the specific sensitivity. Some people only need the smallest dose to get their desired results. You should always stick with a low dose for the first three to seven days and monitor the results.

Discuss your case with your healthcare professional before you increase the dosage by 5mg every week. The key to success, just like with your starting dose, is remaining consistent throughout the week. As with any medical treatment, it’s essential to check for anything that would be considered an adverse reaction. The three most common are nausea, loss of appetite and dry mouth.

Dosage for Anxiety

Most people treat their anxiety by using a CBD tincture, placing a half a dropper of the CBD oil under the tongue around 15 to 30 seconds before they fall asleep. As with the recommended dosage for pain. They gradually increased this little by little until they reach the recommended amount for their age and their size. At most, it’s recommended that you take nine drops, 1 to 3 times a day.

This is not to say that you only need this much CBD to manage your anxiety issues naturally. If you find that your anxiety or panic attacks are not dissipating you could choose to either increase the dosage or the frequency of drops that you take. We would always advise you to contact a healthcare professional or doctor for advice beforehand. CBD studies have also been conducted on how it can help PTSD chronic pain conditions and Alzheimer’s disease

How to choose the best CBD oil?

Like any medication, if you’re using it for the first time, it’s essential to carefully research and show the product that is right for you. Even if you are confident it’s going to help there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being extra sure

Things to consider before purchasing CBD


This is the most important and probably the most underlooked. Understanding, where your CBD oil is sourced, will help you make more educated decisions about its quality. The overall quality of a product is mostly dependent on the raw materials used in the manufacture and where the actual plants were grown. Hemp is one of these plants that can absorb pretty much anything comes into contact with. The knowing exactly where the plants were grown, will help you make my health decisions.

Choose a CBD oil that has been made from hemp that was grown on healthier soils. Try to avoid any plants that were developed in soils that are rich in heavy metals as this usually results in contaminated CBD oils or hemp seed oils.


Before you purchase a CBD product, the first thing on your list and the most crucial factor to consider is its concentration. Tinctures and CBD oils that are sold either online or in a local store Kincaid on the buffalo the concentration of CBD continues. This will allow you to check both the value of the product and its strength.

It is advisable to purchase a brand of CBD that offers the broadest range of concentration. This will allow you to find the correct dosage more easily. You should also know that taking a higher potency CBD oil but not always guarantee that you get the benefits of it more rapid.


As with the purchase of any medication, price is it a factor in the decision-making process. This is especially true CBD oils as the cost of a product is directly related to its quality. This is not to say that some of the cheaper or more affordable CBD products on the market don’t work. Some companies can reproduce more affordable products on mass without having to sacrifice on quality. But as a rule of thumb, you tend to get what you pay for.


the taste of the CBD oil you choose would mostly be down to a matter of personal preference. You might want to select one of the many flavoured see video animals if you have a low tolerance for bitter tastes. Other people prefer to choose a product that is as close to natural as possible if this is the case, try to find a brand that offers unflavored versions. Many people like to mix kinds of boils with their drinks or food to make the consumption of them more manageable. There is a vast range of CBD vape oils and edibles gummies available. You can also choose to ape the CBD rather than taking an oral tincture. You should always check to make sure that your big machine has been designed to using CBD oils\

Extraction method

Whenever possible, you should pick a CBD that has been extracted using CO2. This is considered to be the safest and most effective method of extracting CBD, resulting in the purest CBD oils.

How does the CO2 extraction method work?

CO2 is an effective solvent at low levels. This allows it to maintain and preserve the purity of CBD.

Extraction is a three-phase process.

During phase one, the plant matter is placed into an extraction container, heated and pressurized liquid CO2 is used to bring the plant to a supercritical state, flushing out all the active ingredients.

Phase two, this is where the active ingredients are transferred to a separation unit following extraction. The pressure is reduced, allowing the CBD and the CO2 compounds to separate. What is left is a thick sticky resin containing the CBD compound. The CO2 is then returned and recycled, allowing it to be reused.

Phase three of the process takes puts extracted CBD through a series of refinement and purification steps. It is an emulsified and spun. This will flush any of the ethanol from the CBD.

Because this extraction method is complicated and expensive, the cost is reflected in the price of CBD oil. But this method is only conducted by professionals inside fully licensed laboratories, and because of this, it can be trusted to produce the highest quality and safest CBD.

Many people use the olive oil extraction method to create their own organic CBD at home. Its methodology is pretty straightforward. If you choose to use this approach, the most critical part of the process is selecting high-quality olive oil.

It is essential to do your due diligence when purchasing a CBD oil as many companies use unhealthy solvents during the ethanol extraction phase. This is something you need to be very careful of, any bottle of CDB that indicates it may contain traces of harmful toxins should be avoided.

The brands you can trust are open and honest about the extraction methods they use. This information is not always freely available on product labels. Accessing the brand’s website, emailing or contacting them directly to ask about their extraction methods will he make choosing the best CBD easier.

Where to source CBD Oil?

Finding a CBD oil is not too difficult these days as their tonnes of choices on the market. In all honesty; there are far too many choices available. You can buy them at your local supermarket, at a local dispensary or online whichever suits you best.

Remember that even though purchasing a product of the online may seem to be more convenient, you will have to pay extra for shipping costs and the experience you have shopping will undoubtedly be different. Return etc. are less accessible.

We would advise anyone new to CBD usage just to pop into their local dispensary. Browsing the different products that are available on the shelves, talking to other customers, browsing through the various magazines and most importantly talking to the staff is an integral part of the process. Asking as many questions as possible to ensure that your early CBD experience is as positive as possible.

How to know you are using a reputable brand?

The simplest way is to use our list of best CBD suppliers. If, however, you come across a brand not on that list that you’re interested in, then below you can find some useful tips for ensuring the brand is “up to snuff”. Most reputable stores stock the better brands, and the higher price tags are usually down to the fact that they use higher quality materials and higher-grade ingredients.

Here are a few ways that you can use the source a better brand

  • The most effective approach is a using word of mouth, visit your local dispensary, where you will find frequent CBD users and pick up some free advice, this is a good starting point.
  • You could choose to talk to a representative in your local retail or hemp store. This allows you to find out where exactly the source of their products and the way they have been produced. Potentially the most effective method to use to go to your computer and the online CBD forums.
  • The older discussion boards were initially created by readers and CBD users who share the same interests as you. They’re trying to find the most effective products on the market, be careful of the newer boards or social media as they tend just to be advertising mediums for specific CBD companies.
  • The most trustworthy brands prioritize the needs of their customers over making sales. Selling products have high on their list of priorities, but retaining customers is more important to them. Far too many companies have sales-oriented customer service teams, pushing products on their customers that they need want or need

CBD Checklist

Regardless of whether you’re buying online or in-person, here’s a checklist of questions you should ask to know exactly what type of CBD you’re getting. Check out out Beginner’s Guide to CBD too for a good overview. This is where the CBD industry has gotten a bad name…by selling expensive and diluted oils to consumers. Fortunately, the standards are higher and the transparency is better so you can know exactly what you’re paying for now.

  • Always ask whether it is a full-spectrum CBD oil or an isolate CBD oil.
  • Remember CBD isolates are just pure CBD with nothing else added, Most of these require a narrow dosage window and offer the high level of efficacy, but are a more limited number of therapeutic benefits.
  • Full-spectrum oils are made from a blend of cannabinoids often including CBN CBC and as well as others. these are essential if you want to incur encourage the Entourage effect
  • Always check the company certificates of analysis are there COA this will help you verifying any CBD products are full-spectrum oil. This is the document provided by the license to the bar, a tree which first tested the product, and it lists every cannabinoid present.
  • Before purchasing any CBD, always be clear about the acceptable t&c devils are untraceable. This should be of particular concern in specific States where you have stringent THC laws. I need
  • I need oil with more than 0.3% THC is no longer considered a Hemp oil. If your phone’s be using any such oil, it may compromise you if you’re required to take any drug test.

What to look for when buying CBD online?

Before deciding to shop online, you need to be aware that the market is swamped with brands that are not always trustworthy. Too many companies are offering CBD oils that are either only not pure or many don’t have any tangible amounts of CBD in them at all.

The safest way to authenticate a CBD product s to ensure that it comes with a legal and traceable lab test. Any brand that can be trusted will want to to be completely honest and transparent. They simply will not have a problem submitting their products for these tests as they will have nothing to hide. They will proudly post their products lab results on their websites and say this will help increase reputation and sales.

While most CBD oil customer reviews and ratings can be trusted, the source of these has to be carefully considered, especially as they may have a vested interest in selling this product, to begin with. But if several different reviewers and websites say the same thing about a specific product and the company is freely providing information on their product. And it is readily reviewed on platforms such as Reddit and Quora. Then you are probably on safer ground with these products and can trust that they are of high quality.

There are many small brands such as joy organics, green roads, receptra naturals and CBDfx that will not be found on a top 10 list of CBD products, but they offer exceptionally high-quality goods.

One of these smaller companies is Lazarus Naturals; their vanilla mocha and chocolate mints are orange flavoured CBD oils. I am indeed worth a try. They also operate a CBD assistance. Their website features many great testimonials from existing users but is sure to carefully read the reviews before deciding on the products you want to buy.

Are CBD oils safe?

New CBD guys can be trusted if it doesn’t discuss the risks attached to taking the product. As the safety of speed, readers should be his number one priority. Let’s start with a pointy house that CBD oil doesn’t possess any known severe side effects. Then one Health organization supposed to report that excessive usage can result in dependency.

I’m with her having said that taking CBD oil is not without its risks.

What are some of its known side effects of CBD oils?

Digestive issues and nausea

This is probably the most common side effect experienced by people who commonly use CBD oils; it does occasionally cause vomiting, diarrhea and dizziness as well. In the vast majority of cases, these effects caused by CBD I down to taking more than your body is designed to. The result is that your body is merely expelling excessive oil. If you follow the guidelines, carefully you shouldn’t experience any of these problems.

Loss of appetite

When you first take CBD oils in a tincture, you can leave either an unpleasant taste or feeling in your mouth this can result in your mouth drying up, and as a consequence, you lose your appetite. This side effect soon passes.

CBD and Drug interactions

Some medications are known to interact with CBD negatively.

CBD acts as a blood thinner. It’s advisable not to take it if you’re on medication to ease hypertension. Isaac May excessively lowered your blood pressure to a half a little. CBD should also be avoided if you’re on medication where you are advised not to take either citrus are fermented products

As with any medication, you should always consult your physician before adding any CBD oil to I need an existing treatment program.

it’s essential to understand that even though the oil does interact with your endocannabinoid system, it will not cause any psychoactive effects

A Word of Caution…

To ensure your safety, it’s essential to thoroughly understand exactly what the CBD product you intend to take. As yet the CBD industry is not regulated, and because of this, some brands freely sell contaminated products.

Because of this, you should check all lab results given with the product and you understand exactly what these results mean. The results alone are irrelevant if you’re unable to interpret them.

CBD products also have a short shelf life meaning that the majority of them will only last one to two years even with proper storage

In conclusion

CBS offers a wide range of benefits for people with any variety of health concerns or conditions. Taking a small amount of CBD is not going to be a cure-all, you need to be committed to the regiment and follow the instructions of the manufacturer as well as those of your physician.

Please remember that the benefits of CBD, as well as those of medical marijuana, has yet to be subjected to intensive scientific research. There will be no guarantees that CBD oil can help treat your medical condition or how it will interact with your endocannabinoid system.

Whether you’re considering using CBD as part of your existing treatment plan as an adjunct therapy? Always contact your physician first, and study the product to find out the ideal dosage. Before taking any new products you should always exercise caution and put your health and well-being ahead of everything else.

We strongly encourage that you research exactly want you to expect from a CBD oil, this will help to find the product that will best suit your needs.

And Our Results Are…

The updated rankings include Joy Organics, Mission Farms CBD. RE: Botanicals SabaiDee. Tikun Hemp, Seabeede, and Hoboken Hemp Co.

Rankings are significantly changed as other companies lower (or raise) prices, allow free shipping, update websites, and change third-party testing practices.

The Caveat: CBD products are not alike. CBD oils from different companies have different cannabinoid profiles. These profiles should be visible in the COAs, but comparing products can be like comparing two completely different things. 

Experimentation is given in CBD’s world. If the tincture you choose doesn’t match what you wanted, it doesn’t mean a company is doing something wrong. This could simply mean that another company’s cannabinoid profile could be just right.

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