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Zymenta and Cerelist: A novel approach to nutritional management of cholinergic deficiency

Jeannemarie M. Beiseigel, PhD, RD and Deanna J. Fall, BAa

Age-related cognitive decline adversely affects a significant portion of the population. Studies have suggested that cognition may be maintained by supporting cholinergic function and overall brain health. Zymenta and Cerelist are nutritional supplements that address nutritional deficiencies that may be related to mild cognitive decline by providing complementary ingredients to 1) support acetylcholine (Ach) synthesis; 2) reduce ACh breakdown; and 3) protect neuronal cell structure and function. This article reviews the health implications of a cholinergic deficit in patients with cognitive complaints and describes how the ingredients in Zymenta and Cerelist provide a unique, integrative approach to support of healthy cognitive function.

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