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Webinar: Weight Loss Programs Based on Your Patients Hormonal & Neurotransmitter Levels

For any practitioner looking for ideas on returning to practicing the ART of medicine, this webinar is a must. From our partners Labrix Clinical Services, Dr. Chris Meletis shares his clinical insights and the systematic way in which he explores the journey we all take through life. He will evaluate the clinical insights we can gain from observing the physiology, biochemistry and epigenetics of each individual patient as reflected specifically by hormones and neurotransmitters.

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The human body undergoes many transformations throughout its journey, being marked by 5 major events: Conception and gestation, baby to pre-adolescent, adolescence to early adulthood, early adulthood to menopause or andropause, and post-pausal years for men and women.

In taking this life cycle approach with patients, Dr. Meletis is able to bring a deeper context to practicing the art of medicine. Unearthing the systemic impacts throughout the patient’s life gives him valuable clues about where to start to reset and re-balance in the quest to return health.

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