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Webinar: The Role of Neurotransmitters in Pain and Pain Management

To feel pain is to alter homeostasis, and to alter homeostasis is to foster the potential for pain. Herein lies the vicious “catch 22″ of pain within the body. Pain can be the genesis for altered neurotransmitters and hormones; however altered neurotransmitters and hormones can be the progenitors to perception and experience of pain. Foundational to holistic and functional medicine is the concept of addressing “the root cause.” Of course, that is all too often easier said than done when it comes to complex, multifaceted issues of pain.

Provided in partnership with Labrix Clinical Services,This presentation will seek to offer the busy clinician a stronger and broader grasp of “whole person pain management” through the lens of neurotransmitter assessment and re-balancing.

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Webinar provided in partnership with Labrix Clinical Services

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