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Vitamin D: Still Learning About Dosage

Joseph Pizzorno, ND,

My last editorial, “What Have We Learned About Vitamin D Dosing” (IMCJ. 2010;9.1:8-12), has generated more calls and letters to the editor than any IMCJ editorial I have written in the past 9 years. Comments have ranged from “How about this study showing lower dosages needed for teenage girls in Maine?” to “We have made your editorial required reading for all doctors in our integrative clinic” to an invitation to speak in
late March at the University of Calgary (U of C). I’m glad to see the level of interest in this important topic.

For the U of C lecture, along with an overview on vitamin D, I was also asked to address the vitamin D needs of children. After my lecture, 1 of the attendees came up and told me I was wrong in saying that breast-feeding for more than 6 months was a risk factor for vitamin D deficiency in the infant. I assured him the
research was very clear about this, and he said, “It is only a risk factor because the mothers are deficient.” “Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “good point. It really does not make sense that nature’s perfect food for infants would be so grossly deficient in this key nutrient.” These 2 topics plus the letters to the editor published immediately after my editorial prompted my writing this second editorial on vitamin D. In addition, I wanted to address in more detail the importance of balancing vitamin D supplementation
with vitamins A and K2.

Before we begin, in my first editorial I made the case that less than 10 ng/L (multiply by 2.5 to get nmol/L) is a severe vitamin D deficiency, while 10 to 30 ng/L is associated with an increased risk for a wide range of diseases. It appears that 50 to 100 ng/L is optimal. Having a blood level of 25(OH)D3 consistently higher than 200 ng/mL is associated with toxicity.1


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