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Video: The Coming Crisis in Antibiotics from TEDMED 2014

Health economist and professor Ramanan Laxminarayan takes a novel approach in talking about the concerns about antibiotic resistance by taking lessons from the energy crisis and applying them to this looming crisis.

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Economist Ramanan Laxminarayan works to improve understanding of drug resistance as a problem of managing a shared global resource. As Director and Senior Fellow at the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy, he is interested in cross-disciplinary, pragmatic solutions to reduce drug resistance. He has advised the World Health Organization and World Bank on evaluating malaria treatment policy, vaccination strategies, the economic burden of tuberculosis, and control of non-communicable diseases. He was a key architect of the Affordable Medicines Facility for malaria, a novel financing mechanism to improve access and delay resistance to antimalarial drugs. In 2012, he created the Immunization Technical Support Unit in India, which has been credited with improving the immunization program in the country. He currently teaches at Princeton University.

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