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(VIDEO) Change Your Brain, Change The World: TED Talk by Mark Robert Waldman

Did You Know?
Taking a nice big yawn and a stretch is one of the best ways to exercise your brain.

Mark Waldman gives a TEDx talk on changing your brain for the better through the age-old practice of positive thinking. Whether you’re the most religious person on the planet, the most skeptic or just somewhere in between, we found this to be an interesting video on how belief and/or big ideas can change your brain physiology.

We encourage you to watch this video and comment below with your thoughts and/or experience.

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About Mark Waldman:
Mark Robert Waldman is a therapist and an Associate Fellow at the Center for Spirituality and the Mind, Universi ty of Pennsylvania, where he currently conducts research with Andrew Newberg, MD, on the neurological correlates of beliefs, morality, compassion, meditation, religious experiences, and spiritual practices. He is adjunct faculty at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, where he is developing communication tools for the Executive MBA program.

He lectures frequently at conferences, colleges, and churches on topics relating to the neuropsychology of stress, relaxation, emotional control, relationship dynamics, con´Čéict resolution, mediation, communication, weight management, and the neurobiological development of personal values and business ethics (neuroeconomics). His research has been featured in Time Magazine, Washington Post, Oprah Magazine and Radio, USA Today, The New York Times science section, and his interviews have appeared on dozens of radio and
television programs, including Oprah and Friends.

Mark is the author of eleven books and anthologies, and his professional papers have been published throughout the world. He was the founding editor of the academic journal, Transpersonal Review, chairman of the Los Angeles
Transpersonal Interest Group, regional coordinator for the Spiritual Emergence Network, and he holds a ministerial credential in pastoral counseling. He coauthors a monthly column on “Science and Spirituality” for Science of Mind magazine.

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