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Treating Hypertension with Rauwolfia, Viscum and Piscidia

Jill Stansbury, ND

Restorative Medicine, Montpelier, VT, USA.

Hypertension is an extremely common problem in the general population and the anti-hypertensive pharmaceuticals are amongst the most commonly prescribed of all drugs in the US. Many such pharmaceuticals have undesirable side effects that keep patients returning to their physicians for other solutions. In addition, many such pharmaceuticals do not improve the overall health of the cardiovascular system and thus, the underlying pathology continues to progress and people also continue to return to their physicians in need of higher dosages or additional medications to control their blood pressure. Any dietary, exercise, and natural medicine regimens that can help maintain vascular health are extremely valuable. Herbal medicine has much to offer in this regard, as many herbal medicines not only can help control the symptom of high blood pressure, they also can support cardiac and vascular health in deeper ways that may offer protective and restorative support to the vasculature.

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