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Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome

Reversing Hypometabolic Symptoms by Normalizing Low Body Temperatures with Sustained-release T3 in Patients with Euthyroid TSH Levels

E. Denis Wilson,MD
AARM Reference Review

Currently, the position of the American Thyroid Association is that hypothyroidism causes symptoms of metabolic slowing due to inadequate production of thyroid hor- mone by the thyroid gland; it is diagnosed by a lab result of a high thyroid stimulat- ing hormone (TSH) level. While hypothyroidism is considered a chronic, incurable condition, the symptoms typically can be controlled by ingestion of thyroxine (T4) for life. Due to this conclusion, medical providers overall adhere to the assump- tion that people with normal TSH levels can not have thyroid-hormone-responsive symptoms; likewise, thyroid-hormone-responsive symptoms should not read more…

Supraphysiological Cyclic Dosing of Sustained Release T3 in order to Reset Low Basal Body Temperature

Friedman M, Miranda-Massari JR, Gonzalez MJ. Friedman Clinic, Montpelier, VT, USA

The use of sustained release tri-iodothyronine (SRT3) in clinical practice, has gained popularity in the complementary and alternative medical community in the treatment of chronic fatigue with a protocol (WT3) pioneered by Dr. Denis Wilson. The WT3 protocol involves the use of SR-T3 taken orally by the patient every 12 hours according to a cyclic dose schedule determined by patient response. The patient is then weaned once a body temperature of 98.6°F has been maintained for 3 consecutive weeks. The symptoms associated with this protocol have been given the read more…

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Essential Concepts for T3 Therapy for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome… 6th Webinar in the Series

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Research Support for using T3 in the treatment of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome… 7th Webinar in the Series

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