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GOED, CRN Publish Oxidation White Paper

CRNheader-basic14In ongoing efforts to educate the industry and consumers about the issue of oxidation and omega-3s, GOED (the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s) and CRN (the Council for Responsible Nutrition), have co-authored a white paper entitled “Oxidation in Omega-3 Oils: An Overview.” The white paper was written to help improve industry knowledge about oxidation testing protocols and potential issues with oxidized oils.

For example, one of the key points highlighted in the paper is the confusion over the p-anisidine test, which is a commonly used test for secondary oxidation. The problem is, this test is not applicable for read more…

Video: Duke University’s new White Paper on Integrative Medicine

The Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare at Duke University has put out a new white paper, “The Pebble in The Pond: How Integrative Leadership can Bring About Transformation”. Published in Explore, The Journal of Science and Healing, this 44-page white paper describes an approach to Integrative Leadership that can bring about cultural transformation.

In this short video, Dr. Adam Perlman, Program Director for the Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare, discusses the white paper that translates the philosophy of Integrative Healthcare into a leadership model for organizational change and success.

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read more…

AccentHealth® White Paper Highlights Physician’s Active Role in Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement Purchasing Decisions

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif., Nov. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – AccentHealth, the leading patient education media company at the point-of-care, today released a white paper presenting recent study findings that confirm the physician’s active role in recommending vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS). The study was designed to explore both physician and consumer perceptions of VMS, the sources of information used when making product and brand selections, and the key purchase drivers for health-minded consumers. The announcement from AccentHealth came on opening day of the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s 2014 Annual Symposium for the Dietary Supplement Industry, where AccentHealth is a sponsor. read more…

A medical nutriment has supportive value in the treatment of colorectal cancer

F. Jakab et al.

MSC (Avemar) is a medical nutriment of which preclinical and observational clinical studies suggested an antimetastatic activity with no toxicity.

A fermented wheat germ extract (code name: MSC; brand name: Avemar), standardised to methoxy-substituted benzoqui- nones and registered in Hungary in the year 2002 as medical nutriment (reg. no. 503), has recently been shown to induce apoptosis, to inhibit carbon flow to nucleic acid synthesis (Boros et al, 2001; Com ́ın-Anduix et al, 2002) and to induce major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I proteins’ downregulation (Fajka-Boja et al, 2002) in tumour cells. It has also read more…

Fermented Wheat Germ Extract Reduces Chemotherapy-Induced Febrile Neutropenia in Pediatric Cancer Patients

Miklós Garami, MD et al.

An open-label, match-paired pilot clnical trial was conducted to test whether the combined administration of the medical nutriment MSC (Avemar) with cytotoxic drugs and the continued administration of MSC on its own help to reduce the incidence of treatment-related febrile neutropenia in children with solid cancers compared with the same treatments without MSC.

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