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Video: Women’s Hormone Health

Hormone imbalances occur often in women, from the time they begin menstruation to well after menopause. Learn more about the various types of imbalances that are common at different times in women’s lives, and how you as a physician can better diagnose, treat and monitor these imbalances for your patients.

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CRN and Skipta Host Free Dietary Supplements Webinar With Practical Tips for Pharmacists and Nurse Practitioners

Washington, D.C., November 24, 2014—The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the leading trade association for the dietary supplement and functional food industry, today announced the next in its series of free webinars for pharmacists and nurse practitioners (NPs), presented in partnership with Skipta, the premier closed-loop social networking platform for health care professionals. These webinars, available to members of the Pharmacist Society and Generation NP communities, are part of CRN’s ongoing efforts to reach health care professionals with science-based information about dietary supplements that they can use in their practices.

The upcoming one-hour webinar, “Practical Practice Tips for Widely-Used read more…

Video: Neurotransmitters – A Primer

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Are you new to neurotransmitter testing? Or are you an old pro who needs a quick refresher course? The Neurotransmitter Primer webinar will review the information you need to feel comfortable testing neurotransmitters and treating your patients’ imbalances.

We will discuss the basics of managing neurotransmitter health including:

• What is the role of each neurotransmitter in the body and what does imbalance look like?

• How do I screen patients for imbalance?

• How does the test work?

• What treatments are available to me?

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WEBINAR: Progesterone Treatment of Menopausal Hot Flashes and Sleep Disturbances – by Jerilynn Prior MD

Progesterone Treatment of Menopausal Hot Flashes and Sleep Disturbances – by Jerilynn Prior MD 

Wednesday September 10, 2014 – 8:30pm – 10pm ET  (5:30 PT)


483bedc4-474b-4eca-8c06-27b0ba98be78The conventional etiological concept of hot flush/flash and night sweat (Vasomotor Symptom, VMS) experiences is estrogen deficiency. A Cochrane meta-analysis also makes it clear that conventional estrogen or estrogen-progestin therapies are very effective for VMS. However, even if estradiol or estradiol/progesterone are used there remain disadvantages and risks (no VMS-independent improvements in sleep, potential vascular diseases, breast cancer) and not all women are willing to take estrogen/estradiol.

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Video: Infertility

From our content partners, Labrix Clinical Services, LLC.

Infertility is a hot topic. Millions of couples face serious challenges conceiving or carrying a pregnancy, particularly as many Americans get married or choose to wait to start a family. It’s a common problem, one that many healthcare practitioners have probably faced in their own families, as well as seeing many patients with this issue. Infertility affects over 6 million people, or about 10% of people of childbearing-age, and affects both men and women.

In this webinar, learn how you as a physician can help your patients by identifying both male read more…

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