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Keep Dad Vital with Natural Testosterone Support

lab-logoPost Courtesy Labrix Clinical Services, Inc


Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone with numerous important functions throughout the body. In addition to its well-known roles in male reproductive health including sperm count and libido, it also has an anabolic effect on the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and bone density. Recent research suggests that testosterone plays a role in the maintenance of cognitive function throughout the aging process, and that healthy testosterone levels may play a role in the prevention of age-related dementia and cardiovascular function. Lower levels of testosterone in older men have been associated with read more…

Men, Myths and Misinformation

Guest Post Courtesy of Labrix Clinical Services, LLC


baby-boomer-442252_1280As with women’s hormones, there are many misconceptions and myths when it comes to men’s hormones. Women have an obvious marker of hormone decline when their menstrual cycles begin to change and eventually stop all together. For men, the changes in their hormones are often more subtle and less specific, leaving room for confusion, misdiagnosis and lack of treatment. Though not a myth, the first misconception about men’s hormones is the lack of understanding of the symptoms of testosterone decline and the incredible prevalence with which it happens. Studies indicate that  read more…

Product Spotlight: AndroVIVE™ by iagen Professional


Are some of your patients feeling the effects of low testosterone?iagen_androvive_xlarge

With the influx of baby boomers turning 50 you probably see quite a few patients – both men and women – suffering the effects of low testosterone. For those patients that prefer a natural solution or want additional support to their testosterone replacement therapy, compare AndroVIVETM  by iagen Professional to what you’re currently recommending.

What is AndroVIVETM?

Formulated with AlivEL® 100 Tongkat Ali extract and combined with a patented citrus bioflavonoid formula,  AndroVIVETM provides a synergistic effect that enhances the effects of the Tongkat read more…

Prostate health: Testosterone and beyond

Post by Labrix Clinical Services, LLC

Once an idea or cause and effect relationship has established itself in medicine, it can take years to
slowly educate and change thinking. Such is the case with testosterone and prostate cancer. It was long
ago postulated that testosterone supplementation increased a patient’s risk of prostate cancer; this
connection has been assimilated into medical dogma and is often stated as though it is fact. There are
some inherent flaws in this association however, including the fact that prostate cancer is most
common in older men, who presumably have lower testosterone levels than their younger read more…

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