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Sexual Health

Sometimes Love Hurts – And Why it Doesn’t Have to

Guest post courtesy Labrix Clinical Services


lab-logoOver half of postmenopausal women report sexual dysfunction. Recent studies have postulated this number to be even higher as many women are reluctant to report symptoms such as lack of desire and/or discomfort due to vaginal tissue changes. While there are many additional aspects to a relationship outside of the bedroom, researchers point to the importance of a healthy sex life as a key marker for a happier, healthier life. As the average life expectancy lengthens, odds are most women will live 20-30 years past menopause. What does this mean for the majority read more…

Video: Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Labrix Staff Physician Robyn Kutka discusses clinical approaches to identifying and treating sexual dysfunction in women as a part of our Labrix Clinical Spotlight Series.

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Webinar provided in partnership with Labrix Clinical Services, read more…

Sexual Vitality

Post by Labrix Clinical Services, LLC

sign-40642_640In today’s world of chronic stress – racing to work, picking up children from various activities, trying to get household chores accomplished and just trying to “keep up,” it is no wonder that many people don’t have enough gusto in the bedroom to do anything but sleep. Sexual dysfunction is an umbrella term that encompasses everything from low libido to erectile dysfunction, female sexual dysfunction, decreased orgasmic potential and pain with sexual activity. Given the many aspects of sexual function, how do we best help our patients?

It is widely believed that testosterone is read more…

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