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Health Canada Approves GENESTRA BRANDS® Health Claims for IBS Relief and Post Antibiotic Therapy

GENESTRA BRANDS®, a trusted Seroyal® brand and a leader in probiotic research offering safe, effective and reliable natural health products backed by clinical and traditional evidence, announced today that Health Canada has approved two significant claims related to its proprietary Human Micro Flora (“HMF”) probiotics – “Significant reduction in the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (“IBS”)” and “Effective supplementation of normal intestinal microbiota following antibiotic therapy”. Based on these claims, HMF IBS Relief™ and HMF Antibiotic Care™ were recently launched in Canada.

“Considering that few products in the market target these specific conditions, we are pleased to receive Health read more…

Free CME Webinar from Seroyal: Clinical Framework for the Treatment and Prevention of Statin-induced Myopathy

Join George Tardik, ND on Wednesday, May 14 for a timely webinar on understanding statin-induced myalgia. Statins 3-hydroxy-3-methlglutaryl coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) are one of the most commonly prescribed prescription drugs in North America, but they may cause hepatic or neuromuscular side effects, including myalgia.  Differentiating statin-induced myalgia from other pain syndromes is crucial for optimal treatment outcomes.

This 1.5 hour complimentary webinar is for physicians and other health professionals, and will cover key concepts such as:

  • Development and risk factors of statin-induced myalgia
  • Laboratory markers for assessment
  • Clinical differentiation of statin-induced myalgias from other types of pain syndromes
  • Defining steps
  • read more…

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