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Prostate Health

Progesterone and the Prostate

lab-logoPicture this…You receive your Labrix testing result for a male patient, and the report shows progesterone insufficiency (estrogen dominance). Progesterone supplementation is mentioned in the interpretation, but you don’t know where to start. Isn’t progesterone a female hormone? What could progesterone therapy offer a male?

If this scenario sounds familiar, you are not alone. To understand how to utilize progesterone, it is important to understand the hormonal fluctuations of the aging male. As we are aware, testosterone levels decline with age and have been linked to many health concerns including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Testosterone, however, isn’t the only sex read more…

VIDEO: Prostate Health

Labrix Staff Physician Sara Wood ND discusses prostate health, including how to treat and possibly prevent prostate cancer. In this video, Dr. Wood gives tips on prostate support with supplements and lifestyle modifications, and also discusses the use of testosterone in men with a history of prostate cancer.

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Webinar provided in partnership with Labrix Clinical Services, read more…

Rebecca Wright: Krill Oil Question & Answer

While fish oil has been around for well over a decade as a staple of the omega-3 market, krill oil is a relative newcomer. Due to some controversy around fishing practices and conservation concerns, krill has had a bit of a bumpy start and hasn’t gained the visibility that fish oil has seen, but we think that’s about to change.

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Powerful New Prostate Support product from Iagen Professional announced today the release of Iagen Professional Prostate+, a comprehensive prostate support product formulated with ingredients critical to supporting and promoting a healthy prostate, including curcumin, lycopene, saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, and non-allergenic flower pollen extracts.

The prostate is influenced by a variety of factors in the body, from enzyme activity, to hormones, to inflammation. Only a comprehensive prostate supplement can address all these factors to provide an all-around support product.

Healthcare practitioners with a PureRXO online dispensary can easily recommend this powerful new prostate support product for their patients. A professional-grade supplement, with a proprietary formulation by Dr. read more…

Prostate health: Testosterone and beyond

Post by Labrix Clinical Services, LLC

Once an idea or cause and effect relationship has established itself in medicine, it can take years to
slowly educate and change thinking. Such is the case with testosterone and prostate cancer. It was long
ago postulated that testosterone supplementation increased a patient’s risk of prostate cancer; this
connection has been assimilated into medical dogma and is often stated as though it is fact. There are
some inherent flaws in this association however, including the fact that prostate cancer is most
common in older men, who presumably have lower testosterone levels than their younger read more…

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