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VIDEO: Pain Management for Osteoarthritis

From the American Nutrition Association’s 9th Annual Scientific Symposium: The Effectiveness of Natural Products, Dietary Supplements and Integrative Medicine for Pain Management.

This presentation by Adam Perlman, MD, FACP, MPH discusses the efficacy of various pain management protocols for osteoarthritis sufferers. Dr. Perlman is Associate Professor, Integrative Medicine and Assistant Vice President, Duke Health and Wellness at the Duke University Health System in Durham, NC.

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This video is provided in partnership with the American Nutrition Association. To learn more about the American Nutrition Association,
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What 3 Health Conditions Should You be Watching in 2014?

As we head into 2014, what are the health conditions appearing most prominently on the radar of consumers, researchers, and even governments?  What new ingredients are seeing promising clinical study results? And what old standby supplements are no longer performing as well as they used to?

As working Americans are pushed by employers to do more with less, Baby Boomers continue to grow older, and everyone suffers from the everyday stress of life, several health conditions have surged to the forefront of clinical research. Read on to discover more about how consumer interest in brain cognition, sleep disorders, stress relief, read more…

Some Joint Health Supplements Mislabeled:

Glucosamine, chondroitin, Boswellia and MSM are popular dietary supplement ingredients for treating symptoms of osteoarthritis—worn joint cartilage. But some products don’t contain listed ingredients, are contaminated with lead, or do not break apart properly, according recent analyses by, White Plains, NY.

In fact, 3 of 18 supplements (17%) for people selected for review failed testing, as did all four of the products for dogs and cats. Additional products that passed testing, including two for pets, were identified through’s Quality Certification Program.

Twenty-nine percent of people who take multiple dietary supplements take a joint health supplement according to read more…

Slideshow: A Systemaic Review: Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory dietary supplements for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

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Differential metabolic effects of glucosamine and Nacetylglucosamine in human articular chondrocytes

Alexander R. Shikhman, Diana C. Brinson, Jean Valbracht and Martin K. Lotz

Objective—Aminosugars are commonly used to treat osteoarthritis; however, molecular mechanisms mediating their anti-arthritic activities are still poorly understood. This study analyzes facilitated transport and metabolic effects of glucosamine (GlcN) and N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) in human articular chondrocytes.

Methods—Human articular chondrocytes were isolated from knee cartilage. Facilitated transport of glucose, GlcN and GlcNAc was measured by uptake of [ 3H]2-deoxyglucose, [ 3H]GlcN and [ 3H] GlcNAc. Glucose transporter (GLUT) expression was analyzed by Western blotting. Production of sulfated glycosaminoglycans (SGAG) was measured using [ 35 S]SO4. Hyaluronan read more…

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