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VIDEO: PureRXO Offers Free Online Consultations for Free Online Dispensaries

Interested in additional revenue streams for your practice? The kind of revenue streams that make you money 24/7, 365 days a year? Selling supplements online to your patients is a powerful way to increase practice profits, while supporting better patient compliance and health outcomes. You recommend supplements to your patients – why not ensure they have a trusted, easy source for high-quality physician grade source for those supplements?

PureRXO provides customized solutions for independent practitioners, taking the hassle out of having a dispensary. Set up your own online store, complete with your personal branding and practice information, in about 30 read more…

The American Chiropractor Feature Story: How to Integrate Dietary Supplement Sales Into Your Practice

Need more income for your integrative health practice? The American Chiropractor April issue showcases one way to do it – by adding dietary supplement sales without the hassle of turning your office into a retail store.

The rapid and continual growth of supplement sales has created an enormous opportunity for integrative health practitioners to not only increase practice income, but also improve patient outcomes and pureRXO_logoprovide a valuable and appreciated service to patients. But how to do it without having to deal with space for inventory, additional staff for customer service, packaging, shipping, and all the other issues that come read more…

Kyle Bliffert of Atrium Innovations Q&A

Interview made possible by PureRXO – Online Dispensaries for Integrative Healthcare Professionals

MHCP: Why don’t we start off with you telling us a little about yourself and how you got where you are today.

KB: I joined the nutritional supplement industry healthcare practitioner (HCP) channel in 1992 with Metabolic Maintenance Products. In 2003, I started a business development consulting company and landed with Nordic Naturals®, where I spent a little over four years helping build their professional sales team and go-to-market strategy for the professional side of their omega-3 business…

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Could Your Practice Use Thousands of Extra Dollars Every Month?

Dietary supplement use is growing at exponential rates. Most of your patients are using dietary supplements.

  • Do you know the most cited reasons for supplement use?
  • Do you know what the top selling supplements are, or who your patients are going to for advice on what to purchase?

Read our infographic on the dietary supplement consumer to learn more about what your patients are taking, why, and how you can capitalize on this billion dollar industry, while enhancing your patient outcomes. 

pureRXO_Infographic read more…

7 Reasons to Launch a Newsletter to Build your Integrative Medicine Practice

Post by Glenn Sabin of FON Therapeutics

In association with PureRXO – Your Practice (and eMail Newsletters) Made Perfect
Visit PureRXO for your Free eMail Newsletter Program & Online Dispensary

dreamstimeextrasmall_28972687You’re missing a big opportunity to grow your practice if you’re not currently publishing a newsletter and using email marketing. Here’s why:

1. Email Still Preferred Engagement Channel

Despite all the hype about social media supplanting email, the truth is that 94 percent of Americans 12 years and older still regularly use email. Email remains the preferred method of communication even with the growth in social media platforms and messaging read more…

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