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Fish Oil

ProOmega® CRP a Powerful Solution for Systemic Cellular Stress

 Nordic Naturals® launches first-of-its-kind product

combining omega-3s, curcumin, antioxidants

ProOmega CRP1Watsonville, CA (May 4, 2016) Nordic Naturals announces another breakthrough innovation—ProOmega CRP, a powerful formulation of foundational nutrients that supports cellular and metabolic health. This synergistic combination of omega-3 fatty acids and potent antioxidants contains 1500 mg concentrated omega-3s and 600 mg free-form curcumin, along with 225 mg of reduced L-Glutathione and 300 mg of N-Acetylcysteine (NAC).

Each nutrient plays a distinct yet complementary role in promoting a greater level of balanced, restorative molecular activity by supporting optimal cell function in the face of too much stress. Together, these nutrients work read more…

GOED, CRN Publish Oxidation White Paper

CRNheader-basic14In ongoing efforts to educate the industry and consumers about the issue of oxidation and omega-3s, GOED (the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s) and CRN (the Council for Responsible Nutrition), have co-authored a white paper entitled “Oxidation in Omega-3 Oils: An Overview.” The white paper was written to help improve industry knowledge about oxidation testing protocols and potential issues with oxidized oils.

For example, one of the key points highlighted in the paper is the confusion over the p-anisidine test, which is a commonly used test for secondary oxidation. The problem is, this test is not applicable for read more…

Nordic Naturals® Unveils Next Generation Fish Oil

Powerful Oil Delivers 80% EPA+DHA, 90+% Triglycerides

gI_150238_One and 2XNordic Naturals, the #1 fish oil in the United States, has introduced its latest innovation—a breakthrough omega-3 oil. This ultra-concentrated EPA+DHA oil in the highly absorbable, triglyceride form is a first in the natural products channel.

“What makes this fish oil unique is the combination of very high concentration and superior absorption,” said Tone Larsen, Nordic Naturals Product Development Manager. Nordic Naturals delivers all products in the 90+% triglyceride form—the form in which omega-3s occur naturally in fish and which research confirms is better absorbed and utilized by the body.

“Obtaining EPA and read more…

Nordic Naturals® Receives Friend of the Sea Certification — All Fish Stocks and Fish Oil Products Certified Sustainable

Nordic Naturals has received certification from Friend of the Sea (FOS) for all fish stocks and fish oil products.

gI_150162_FOS UltimateNordic Naturals is pleased to be recognized with certification from Friend of the Sea (FOS), the international reference standard for producers of omega-3 fish oil. Nordic Naturals sources all of its fish from waters that are certified sustainable by FOS, and all omega-3 products are now FOS certified as well, a reflection of the company’s long-standing commitment to sustainability.

This important certification verifies that Nordic Naturals complies with rigorous standards that ensure long-term, sustainable fish oil manufacturing. These criteria include:

New Article Demonstrates Daily Use of Certain Supplements Can Decrease Health Care Expenditures

Use of specific dietary supplements can have a positive effect on health care costs through avoided hospitalizations related to Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), according to a new article published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements1. The article, “From Science to Finance—A Tool for Deriving Economic Implications from the Results of Dietary Supplement Clinical Studies,” published by Christopher Shanahan and Robert de Lorimier, Ph.D., explores a potential cost-benefit analysis tool that, when applied to a high-risk population (U.S. adults over 55 with CHD) who take dietary supplements, specifically omega-3 fatty acid or B vitamin dietary supplements, can read more…

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