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Multiple Sclerosis

Rosmarinic Acid as a Novel Agent in the Treatment of Autoimmune Disease

AARM Reference Review

Autoimmune diseases are among the most challenging to treat. Conventional medical therapies are immunosuppressive agents that suppress symptoms, but also have undesirable side effects. An effective alternative therapy without these side effects would be extremely valuable. Rosmarinic acid, which has been used in multiple sclerosis and thyroid autoimmune disease, may be such an alternative therapy. read more…

Complementary Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis

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Complementary Therapies In Multiple Sclerosis

Lynne Shinto, ND; Shannon Sinsheimer, BA, NCNM student; and Dennis Bourdette, MD

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common disablingneurologic disease of young and middle-aged adults in North America and Europe, affecting about one person out of 1,000 in the US, Canada, and Northern Europe.1MS is typically diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 55, but may occur at any age. More women than men are affected, with females constituting about 60% of cases. Although the etiology of MS remains unknown, it is hypothesized that genetic and environmental factors increase the risk of occurrence. There is a read more…

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