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Migraines And Mood Disorders: Nutritional And Dietary Intervention Based On Laboratory Testing

Cass Nelson-Dooley, MS; Stephanie Kaplan, ND; J. Alexander Bralley, PhD

Current conventional treatments for migraine head- ache, depression, and mood disorders often fail to address the underlying cause(s) of these conditions and therefore usually require long-term medication without hope for cure or, in many cases, adequate symptom relief. Previous studies have shown that amino acids,1-7 neurotransmitters,6,8-16 and allergenic foods17-23 may be involved in the pathogenesis of depression and migraine headache. This case report examines plasma amino acids, urinary neurotransmitter catabolites, and serum food antibodies in a patient with chronic depression and migraine headache before and after nutritional and dietary read more…

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