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Mercury Toxicity

Effect of Mercury Levels and Seafood Intake on Cognitive Function in Middle-aged Adults

by Steven C. Masley, MD, FAAFP, CNS, FACN; Lucas V. Masley; C. Thomas Gualtieri, MD
Original Research courtesy of IMCJ


Context: Little agreement exists as to whether low-level mercury (Hg) exposure causes damage to the central nervous system in adults. Although eating fish is associated with intake of methylmercury, researchers in this field have generally thought that the beneficial effects of a diet rich in long-chain, n-3 fatty acids (N3FA) can outweigh the cognitive neurotoxicity of mercury.

Objective: This study intended to clarify the impact of Hg and intake of seafood on cognition.

Design:¬†The study was a retrospective, read more…

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