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Acupuncture for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Acupuncture for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
A Randomized, Sham-controlled Trial With Single-blinded Design

by Siu-Man Ng, PhD; Yan-Mun Yiu, PhD
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Context: Given that the etiology of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is believed to be multidimensional, interventions generally have been nonspecific and typically produce only mild to moderate effects. In medical practice, treatment for CFS remains largely symptomatic. Preliminary evidence of the efficacy of acupuncture for CFS is available, but the field has lacked high-quality trials.

Objective: The research team conducted the study to determine the efficacy of acupuncture for CFS. read more…

It’s Time to Stop Flying Blind: How Not Looking at the Brain Leads to Missed Diagnoses,Failed Treatments, and Dangerous Behaviors

Daniel G. Amen, MD
Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine

It was late at night in April 1995 when I got a call from my sister-in-law, Sherry, who told me that my 9-year-old nephew, Andrew, had attacked a little girl on the base- ball field that day for no particular reason.
“He hurt her,” she said crying.
Horrified, I asked Sherry what else was going on with Andrew.
“He’s not right,” she said. “He’s mean and never smiles anymore. After the incident, I found two pictures he had drawn. In one, he was hanging from a tree. In the read more…

Improvement Of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease After Initiation Of A Low-Carbohydrate Diet: Five Brief Case Reports

William S. Yancy, Jr, MD, MHS, Dawn Provenzale, MD, MSPH, and Eric C. Westman, MD, MHS

Heartburn (pyrosis) and gastroesophageal reflux symptoms are common complaints encoun- tered in outpatient medical clinics.1 It is esti- mated that up to 40% of adults in the United States have occasional heartburn (approximate- ly once a month) and up to 10% experience daily heartburn.2,3 In addition, these symptoms have a substantial effect on health-related quality of life (QOL); in some studies, QOL can be impaired as severely as with angina or heart failure.4 Medications used to treat these symptoms have been among the read more…

Diet And Prostate Problems

Jeffrey S Bland, PhD

An interesting example of the changing practice of medicine in America was played out recently during a meeting of the King County Council in Washington State. At the meeting, held to discuss the potential development of a natural medicine clinic at the county hospital, a member of the Seattle medical community asked how the Council could even consider support- ing such an “unscientific” form of health- care. To allow this form of healthcare delivery into a teaching hospital environment would be tantamount to endorsement, according to this physician, and “Every doctor knows there is nothing read more…

Recurrent Miscarriage Syndrome Treated With Acupuncture And An Allergy Elimination/Desensitization Technique

Rita Stanford, DAOM, LAc, Dipl Ac, Dipl CH

In December, 2001, a 33-year-old female—“SC”—gravida 2, para 0-0-2-0, came in with the chief complaints of repeated miscarriage, pain, recent weight gain, circulation problems, feeling cold, premenstrual syndrome, and food and environ- mental allergies. She had been diagnosed with allergies to dust, mold, ragweed, cats, and sage, a minor reaction to dogs, and also reported that fast foods and milk were difficult to digest. She had frequent ear infections as a child. She complained of fatigue, sinusitis, sinus congestion and sinus pain, dry skin and eyes, frontal headaches, frequent sneezing, stuffy read more…

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