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Rise: Consumer Demand Drives the Future of Integrative Medicine

Guest post courtesy Glenn Sabin, FON Consulting

sunriseI haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been working on a powerful new e-book along with my sometimes co-conspirator, Taylor Walsh.
The publication is called The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine: The Milestones—1963 to Present. It features over 120 of the most significant accomplishments in the field during the past 50 years.

Rise’, as we have nicknamed the project, features a brilliant introduction by industry historian and Integrator Blog publisher John Weeks.

Never before has such a comprehensive historical timeline been created chronicling this emerging field.  read more…

The Tipping Point: Integrative Health as the Standard of Care

Guest post courtesy Glenn Sabin of FON Consulting


The second decade of the 21st century will be recognized as the tipping point beyond which integrative health and medicine became the standard of care in the United States.

The inexorable momentum achieved during the last five years has propelled the movement to the gates of conventional care. The gates have opened. Integrative health and medicine have walked right in and taken their rightful place.

The adoption of a multitude of wellness-related practices, which evidence the profound impact of behavior modification combined with whole-person care, is fully underway—comprising whole foods nutrition, physical read more…

The American Chiropractor Feature Story: How to Integrate Dietary Supplement Sales Into Your Practice

Need more income for your integrative health practice? The American Chiropractor April issue showcases one way to do it – by adding dietary supplement sales without the hassle of turning your office into a retail store.

The rapid and continual growth of supplement sales has created an enormous opportunity for integrative health practitioners to not only increase practice income, but also improve patient outcomes and pureRXO_logoprovide a valuable and appreciated service to patients. But how to do it without having to deal with space for inventory, additional staff for customer service, packaging, shipping, and all the other issues that come read more…

Video: Duke University’s new White Paper on Integrative Medicine

The Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare at Duke University has put out a new white paper, “The Pebble in The Pond: How Integrative Leadership can Bring About Transformation”. Published in Explore, The Journal of Science and Healing, this 44-page white paper describes an approach to Integrative Leadership that can bring about cultural transformation.

In this short video, Dr. Adam Perlman, Program Director for the Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare, discusses the white paper that translates the philosophy of Integrative Healthcare into a leadership model for organizational change and success.

Want More Videos? View All Here!

read more…

Integrative Oncology Breast Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines Published in JNCI Monographs

This guest post is written by our content partner Glenn Sabin of FON Therapeutics.

The Society for Integrative Oncology has published a first-of-its kind breast cancer clinical practice guidelines in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monographs coinciding with the 11th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology held this week in Houston, Texas.

SIO-LogostackedHighRes-01-01-158x300With over 80% of breast cancer patients using some form of integrative cancer therapy following diagnose, these timely guidelines will bring much needed clarity and support to women undergoing active cancer treatment.

Leading integrative oncology investigators from several major NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers, read more…

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