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Progesterone and the Prostate

lab-logoPicture this…You receive your Labrix testing result for a male patient, and the report shows progesterone insufficiency (estrogen dominance). Progesterone supplementation is mentioned in the interpretation, but you don’t know where to start. Isn’t progesterone a female hormone? What could progesterone therapy offer a male?

If this scenario sounds familiar, you are not alone. To understand how to utilize progesterone, it is important to understand the hormonal fluctuations of the aging male. As we are aware, testosterone levels decline with age and have been linked to many health concerns including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Testosterone, however, isn’t the only sex read more…

VIDEO: Hormone and Neurotransmitter Combo Testing

Many of the same symptoms that are affected by hormones are also affected by neurotransmitters. For example, estrogen stimulates dopamine and seratonin, and the stress response stimulates the secretion of cortisol, but also epinephrine. Testing hormones and neurotransmitters at the same time can give a more complete picture of what may be happening in the bocy and contributing to symptoms. Watch this informational video from Labrix Clinical Services for more.

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Video: Women’s Hormone Health

Hormone imbalances occur often in women, from the time they begin menstruation to well after menopause. Learn more about the various types of imbalances that are common at different times in women’s lives, and how you as a physician can better diagnose, treat and monitor these imbalances for your patients.

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Webinar provided in partnership with Labrix Clinical Services, read more…

Progesterone: An Emerging Treatment in the Management of Traumatic Brain Injuries

From our content partners, Labrix Clinical Services

american-football-155961_1280While some may spend the last few weekends of the year frantically shopping for the perfect gift, or drinking eggnog with co-workers in an “ugly” sweater, others are braving the elements with painted faces hoping their team will make it into the first College Football Playoff or carefully following the race for those coveted NFL Wild Card spots. From Thanksgiving through the New Year, football is as much a holiday tradition for some families as chopping down trees and overeating. Unfortunately, this beloved sport isn’t “all fun and games”. In 2013 there were read more…

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