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Dr. Jeffrey Bland: Epigenetics – Redefining the Gene/Environment Connection

In this final installment of the series from the Institute for Functional Medicine and Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Bland discusses current research into how life events shape genetic expression and the progression of disease. When should you consider epigenetic events vs cellular reactions or other considerations? How can you counsel patients on the effects of their lifestyle choices on their health, their genetic expression, and their disease trajectory?

Read the article for an in-depth discussion and to access additional resources, including three free audio interviews with scientific luminaries regarding their research into this field.


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Nutrition: Start with Why

Patients hear from us all the time about what they should eat, but how often do we explain why and how they should eat that way? Evidence is mounting that what we eat has an even more significant effect than previously believed, from our long term to health, to our genes, to our day-to-day energy level and alertness. Watch the slideshow for more information on why what we eat is so critical, and the nuts and bolts basics of how to shop, prepare, and store food.

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