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Dr Michael Friedmann

Remission of Stage IV Metastatic Ocular Melanoma to the Liver

Michael Friedman, N.D.

Ocular melanoma is characterized by a high rate of liver metastases. The median survival time is less than five months. There is no standard allopathic therapy for this condition.1

Although therapies based on the treat- ments of metastatic cutaneous melanoma have been tried, the conventional treatment of intravenous and intra-arterial hepatic infusions are usually futile. Systemic chemotherapies may cause temporary shrinkage of a tumor but will not cure the disease. Although the less toxic hepatic arterial infusion increases tumor shrinkage, there is no clear difference in survival rates between the two methods.2 read more…

Case Report: Lymphoma Treatment with Pacific Yew and Pokeroot


Pacific yew (Taxus brevifolia) and pokeroot (Phytolacca decandra) are two botanicals that have indications as anticancer agents, antiinflammatory substances, and immune stimulants. The anticancer effects of Pacific yew and pokeroot are due to many constituents in each herb, including taxanes, flavonoids, and lignans found in Pacific yew and saponins, tannin, astrag- alin, and protein PAP-R found in pokeroot. In the author’s current case study, a patient with lymphocytic lymphoma/ chronic lymphocytic leukemia followed a daily regimen of the two botanicals: (1) Pacific yew, using capsules with 600 mg of ground leaves from T brevifolia and taking five capsules read more…

Naturopathic Endocrinology & Restorative Medicine An interview with Michaël Friedman, ND

Interview by Matt Laughlin

Unified Health (UH): Where did your interest in medicine get sparked, and what led you to naturopathic medicine and the focus of your practice today?
Michaël Friedman, ND (MF): It all came about due to a variety of different factors. My undergraduate degree focus was in philosophy and religion.
Science classes were the kind of classes I generally avoided. (Laughter) It never occurred to me at that point that this is where I was going. While studying philosophy and religion, I went to study in India, and spent time in a monastery. I got sick while read more…

Case Report: The Use of Botanical and Mineral Supplementation to Treat Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Michael Friedman, N.D.

The patient is a fifty-four-year old Caucasian female who has suffered from nineteen different pathologies. The magnitude of her serious health problems seemed almost impossible to reverse, but she was not an or- dinary person. She had developed a remark- able inner strength and utmost determination to obtain emotional and physical health, something that she had never felt before. Her childhood was scarred with abuse: emotional, physical, and sexual. At the age of nineteen, she started to suffer from depression and was “treated” with eight electroconvulsive thera- pies. Since then, she has been hospitalized eight times read more…

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