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Randomized Clinical Study Shows Ultra Glucose Control® in Combination with a Dietary Plan Results in a Significant Reduction in A1C Levels and Body Weight in Overweight and Obese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Study results presented at American Diabetes Association’s 76th Scientific Sessions

meta-tissueMetagenics,Inc., a lifestyle functional nutrition company, today announced novel clinical results of a randomized controlled research study that shows Ultra Glucose Control® Medical Food in combination with a dietary plan results in significant reduction in A1C levels and body weight in overweight and obese patients with Type 2 Diabetes compared to an individualized dietary plan alone. The study, conducted by the Joslin Diabetes Center, was presented yesterday at the American Diabetes Association’s 76th Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Effective management of A1C levels, while challenging, is critical to

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Osama Hamdy, MD PhD, Presented Results of Metagenics’ Ultra Glucose Control™ on Glucose Response and GLP-1 at ADA 2015

1957-25 Metagenics_HIfCN-logo_color-01_websizeMetagenics Healthcare Institute for Clinical Nutrition ( announced that the 75th anniversary of the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) included a presentation on June 6, 2015 by Osama Hamdy, MD, PhD on new clinical evidence on use of a novel medical food (Ultra Glucose Control™ by Metagenics) for management of glucose response. Dr. Hamdy is Medical Director at Joslin Diabetes Center, Assistant Prof. of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and principal investigator for the study. The study was a clinical comparison of 3 diabetes specific formulas (Ultra Glucose Control™[UGC], another commercial product and regular oatmeal) on glucose metabolism and read more…

This Video Will Make You Want To Quit Eating Sugar

Your Brain on Sugar…

When you eat something loaded with sugar, your taste buds, your gut and your brain all take notice. This activation of your reward system is not unlike how bodies process addictive substances such as alcohol or nicotine — an overload of sugar spikes dopamine levels and leaves you craving more. Nicole Avena explains why sweets and treats should be enjoyed in moderation.

We encourage you to watch this video and comment below with your thoughts and/or experience.

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Watch Dr. Mark Hyman at TEDMED 2012: “Diabesity”

Watch Dr. Mark Hyman at TEDMED 2012: “Diabesity”

Unhealthy lifestyles have brought on a social epidemic of “diabesity,” says author Mark Hyman, and community-driven solutions may be the only way out.

Topics include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Food As Medicine
  • Using Social Networks & Community Support To Deliver Better Healthcare and Outcomes
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    Personalized Lifestyle Medicine (PART 2): Public Health Recommendations for Nutrition and Lifestyle

    by Jeff Bland & Deanna M. Minch

    A Special Slideshow Presentation by

    Several opinion leader organizations have published lifestyle medicine recommendations consisting primarily of diet and physical activity benchmarks for the general public for the purpose of either prevention or as part of a treatment for diseases.

    Slideshow Covers Lifestyle Medicine Featuring:

  • Foods and Nutrients to Increase
  • Recommendations for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction From The American Heart Association
  • Lifestyle Recommendations From The American Diabetes Association
  • The Emergence of Science & Genetics to Support Personalized Nutrition Interventions + More…
  • Launch Slideshow

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