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VIDEO: Detox Fundamentals

Learn about the science behind detoxification, and how to support the innate detoxification systems for increased health benefits for you and your patients. Presented by internationally recognized nutritionist, Dr. Deanna Minich, as part of the American Nutrition Association’s Nutrition Pro Clinical Webinars Series.

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This video is provided in partnership with the American Nutrition Association. To learn more about the American Nutrition Association
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Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings Encourages Others to Pursue One Degree of Change

Purification-Kit-WFF__SMPALMYRA, Wis. (January 7, 2015)—Standard Process Inc., nutritional supplement manufacturer, announces it has partnered with Kerri Walsh Jennings, three-time Olympic gold medalist and professional beach volleyball player. Walsh Jennings will work with Standard Process to encourage people to embrace one degree of change as it relates to living a healthier lifestyle. She will share her experiences with the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program and how it’s motivated her to make healthier choices through social media and other channels.

 “I love how I feel every time after I do the 21-Day Purification Program from Standard Process.”

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Detox Diets, Symptom Relief and Weight Loss with Meal Replacement, Low-calorie Diet

by Jeffrey A. Morrison, MD, CNS; Anita L. Iannucci, PhD
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Context: Recently, detoxification (detox) diets have achieved notoriety in the popular press due to celebrity endorsements and marketing that suggest quick and easy weight loss. Although researchers have done studies to evaluate the weight-loss outcomes of popular diet programs such as Weight Watchers, Atkins, and others, they have performed no outcomes studies to support the weight-loss results that detox diets claim.

Objective: This study intended to evaluate the changes in weight and medical-symptoms scores in participants who adhered to a 4-week, meal replacement–enhanced, low-calorie read more…

Juicing Made Simple

by Dr. Chad Larson

I’m a busy doc like you and often times I don’t make the time to juice. When you have time to juice, do it, when you don’t, drink a superfood mix. Knowing what we know about all the fantastic supernutrients in fruits and vegetables, I only make the time to juice about every few months.

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Personalized Lifestyle Medicine (PART 1): Relevance for Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations

by Jeff Bland & Deanna M. Minch

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Public health recommendations for lifestyle modification, including diet and physical activity, have been widely disseminated for the prevention and treatment of disease. These guidelines are intended for the overall population without significant consideration for the individual with respect to one’s genes and environment.

Personalized lifestyle medicine is a newly developed term that refers to an approach to medicine in which an individual’s health metrics from point-of-care diagnostics are used to develop lifestyle medicine-oriented therapeutic strategies for improving individual health outcomes in managing chronic disease.

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