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Children’s Health

Probiotics And Atopic Eczema: A Double-Blind Randomised Controlled Trial

SJ Allen, 2S Jordan, 1M Storey, 1CA Thornton, 1MB Gravenor, 3I Garaiova, 1RH Jones, 1TV Macfarlane, 1AL Seager, 1B Manshian, 1M Moller, 1M Omakobia, 3SF Plummer,4DWang,1GMorgan 1CollegeofMedicine,SwanseaUniversity,Swansea, UK; 2College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University, Swansea, UK; 4Department of Medical Statistics, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK

Atopic disorders are common in young children. The development of atopy may be influenced by exposure to microbes in early life. We tested the hypothesis that admin- istration of a multi-strain probiotic during pregnancy and to young infants would prevent atopy in childhood. read more…

Video: Dr Nigel Plummer talks about Swansea Baby Trial

Watch this video that discusses immune health with probiotics and children. A probiotic study on allergy in children.

read more…

Treating ADD/ADHD More Effectively

Dr. Bradley Bush discusses conditions that are common in children, like ADD and ADHD. He talks about how working with psychiatrists and monitoring certain neurotransmitters might lead to a more effective way of treating the conditions. read more…

Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

In pure form in small quantities, stem cells are making a huge impact in children with cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury. read more…

Integrative Pediatrics: The Future Is Now

Lawrence D. Rosen, MD

The world is at a crossroads. At no point in our collective lifetimes have we witnessed comparable social and economic challenges. Healthcare transformation is no longer a luxury wish-list item; it has become an absolute imperative. The good news? Central to the debate is a growing recognition that true wellness care—primary preventive medicine—must be a cornerstone of any successful plan to resurrect our failing disease-care system. Witness the buzz generated by the Institute of Medicine’s February 2009 Summit on Integrative Medicine and the Health of the Public. At long last, public officials charged with operationalizing read more…

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