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Top 5 Practitioner Supplement Trends

Presented by PureRXO – Online Dispensaries For The Perfect Practice

Topics of this slideshow include:

1) Personalization: Using diagnostic tests, online tracking and personalized supplement regimes to impact practitioner selling supplements

2) Content Marketing: In 2014, consider investing some time in creating your own content for marketing using

3) Online Dispensaries: Online dispensaries move your supplement sales from the shelf (or bookcase) to the web and provide you the opportunity for that 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th sale. Online dispensaries are simply the “better mousetrap” for providing supplements to your patients.

4) Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: PPACA will drive a focus toward the patient’s efficient use of healthcare, as opposed to historical over-use of healthcare.

5) Practitioner Supplement Brand Consolidation: Take note of changes and make sure your patients do not suffer the impacts of “cost-saving” activities by the brands you’ve come to know and love.

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