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The Metagenics Healthcare Institute for Clinical Nutrition Launches Educational Website

MetagenicsLogoOn April 2nd, Metagenics Healthcare Institute for Clinical Nutrition launched an educational resource for all healthcare providers with roots in integrative, traditional and functional medicine. The purely educational and non-promotional website is sponsored by Metagenics, a leader in the field of clinical nutrition and innovation in healthcare.  The site was developed to provide the most current, evidence based information, peer reviewed publications, data and tools on clinical nutrition and lifestyle medicine from leading authorities and collaborating research institutions from across the globe.

Complimentary, AMA category 1, continuing education credits in clinical nutrition are also offered to registered users. According to Metagenics Chief Science Officer and President, Metaproteomics Research Division, John Troup, PhD, “Research has shown physicians spend more than 70% of their time using online resources for clinical decision making; this site is intended to support them with credible and relevant information as they improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare utilization.”

The website, accessible across various platforms, will feature regular healthcare campaigns to increase awareness about specific health issues and offer guidance for nutrition based solutions. The current campaign, Gut Check! offers registered users an opportunity to explore the importance of a healthy microbiome and precision probiotics via podcasts, downloadable slides and videos from recent symposia presented at Clinical Nutrition Week 15 from the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN), as well as the TEDTalk from noted speaker, Rob Knight, PhD on “How Our Microbes Make Us Who We Are.”  Other health campaigns being planned for 2015 will focus on women’s health, with others scheduled throughout the year that will address Type 2 Diabetes and Inflammation.

You can find the Metagenics Healthcare Institute for Clinical Nutrition at Register and login to gain full access to various modules, videos and podcasts and to receive regular updates by email.

For more information contact Kirti Salunkhe, MD:

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