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The Gonzalez Therapy and Cancer: A Collection of Case Reports

Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD; Linda L. Isaacs, MD

In our practice, we offer an aggressive nutritional program for treatment of advanced cancer and a variety of other serious illnesses, ranging from chronic fatigue to multiple sclerosis. Whatever the underlying problem, our therapy involves 3 basic components: individualized diets, individualized supplement protocols, and intensive detoxification. The diets we prescribe can range from vegetarian raw foods to an Atkins-type red meat approach. The supplement programs are equally as varied, involving vitamins, minerals, and trace elements in various forms and various doses, as well as glandular and enzyme products, each chosen to meet a particular need in each patient. The detoxification routines, often the most misunderstood component of our therapy, consist of coffee enemas and a variety of other techniques that actually have been adapted from the orthodox medical literature. We believe these procedures help the body neutralize and excrete the multitude of waste products produced during routine metabolism and, in the case of our cancer patients, resulting from tumor lysis.

We are perhaps best known for our work with advanced cancer. For patients suffering malignancy, we rely on large doses, spread throughout the day, of orally ingested pancreatic enzymes derived from a pig source. Though we believe the diets, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements help improve tissue and organ efficiency, in our therapy, it is the pancreatic enzymes that target and kill cancer cells.

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