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The American Chiropractor Feature Story: How to Integrate Dietary Supplement Sales Into Your Practice

Need more income for your integrative health practice? The American Chiropractor April issue showcases one way to do it – by adding dietary supplement sales without the hassle of turning your office into a retail store.

The rapid and continual growth of supplement sales has created an enormous opportunity for integrative health practitioners to not only increase practice income, but also improve patient outcomes and pureRXO_logoprovide a valuable and appreciated service to patients. But how to do it without having to deal with space for inventory, additional staff for customer service, packaging, shipping, and all the other issues that come with running a retail operation out of a healthcare practice? Frankly, the hassle and cost can rapidly overcome the benefits.

For many HCPs, partnering with an online fulfillment partner has been a lucrative and hassle-free answer. All the benefits with none of the cost outlay or time commitment. Read more from The American Chiropractor on how the solution works, how to choose a fulfillment partner, and what to look for.

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