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How to Use Persuasion to Engage Integrative Medicine Customers

Guest post courtesy Glenn Sabin, FON Consulting.

board-1106649_1920When it comes to persuasion, Greek philosopher Aristotle set the gold standard in 350 BCE. Aristotle’s modes of persuasion have stood the test of time, and can be applied to various aspects of your communication efforts today to best engage patients, clients, and prospects.

According to Aristotle:

Persuasion is achieved by the speaker’s personal character
when the speech is so spoken as to make us think him credible. […]
Secondly, persuasion may come through the hearers,
when the speech stirs their emotions. […]
Thirdly, persuasion is effected through the speech itself
when read more…

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Becoming an Integrative Health Thought Leader: Part 5 – Media

Guest Post Courtesy Glenn Sabin, FON Consulting
For 25 years I ran a family-owned media company located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We published print magazines, produced conferences, and developed and managed websites for our media brands and clients.
The media landscape has changed dramatically since I sold my company in 2009. The decline of print advertising has led to massive consolidation, downsizing, and bankruptcies.

Profound changes in how media is consumed, distributed, shared, and purchased have given an incredible edge to consumers and personal brands alike. This disruption of media—accelerated by the web, new publishing tools, social media, read more…

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7 Reasons Integrative and Functional Medicine Practices Fail

Post courtesy content partner Glenn Sabin of FON Consulting

During a recent call with a prospective client—a solo practitioner orthopedic surgeon looking to develop an integrative medicine center—I was asked why integrative health practices fail.
I’d never before been asked this important question pointblank. My mind contemplated the myriad things that can conspire to bring a center to its knees, but in the silent seconds I sensed she might want a catch-all answer and I offered up ‘poor planning and communication’ as the primary culprit.

Though it was a general statement it was especially salient because this physician entrepreneur was read more…

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The Best Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Integrative Medicine Practice

Guest Post courtesy Glenn Sabin, FON Consulting

tree-200795_1280I am often asked: What are the best social media platforms to grow an integrative or functional medicine practice and position a brand?

The simple answers are:
1. The ones where your current and prospective patients and clients spend the most time.
2. The social media networks that you like the most, and can fit into the daily mix of priorities (yours or your staff’s).

There are hundreds of major, active social media platforms. However, companies that attempt to engage with too many, especially all at once, dilute their efforts and fail to read more…

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Integrative Medicine Clinical Services: When Less is More

Guest Post Courtesy Glenn Sabin, FON Consulting
less-is-more-791109_1280If you’re operating a small integrative or functional medicine clinic offering a substantial menu of services, you may inadvertently be undermining your capacity for meaningful engagement with existing and prospective clients (aka patients).

In my recent post Go Deep, Then Wide: Building Integrative Health Practices, I posited that maximizing (business) growth by laser-focusing attention and keeping distractions at bay is essential. This is specifically true for clinical services and patient engagement. Let me explain.

Focus on Solutions, Not Tools

Above all, prospective patients are looking to solve health problems. Your featuredtechnologies read more…

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