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Metagenics Announces Collaboration with ReachMD for Evidence-Based Education on Clinical Nutrition for Healthcare Providers

221247LOGOMetagenics Healthcare Institute for Clinical Nutrition, MHICN, (, a peer-to-peer educational resource for all healthcare providers, announces an educational collaboration withReachMD®  to provide evidence based learnings in clinical nutrition and lifestyle medicine to improve patient management and reduce healthcare utilization. Online medical education is globally the fastest growing learning channel for today’s healthcare professionals, and MHICN and ReachMD are digital knowledge centers committed to being conduits for the exchange of technologic innovation, research data, and disruptive ideas on nutritional solutions for optimal patient outcomes. As noted by Metagenics Chief Science Officer, John Troup, PhD, “This unique read more…

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Dean Ornish: Unrelenting Healthcare Disruptor

Guest post courtesy of Glenn Sabin, FON Consulting


No one has been a greater force than Dr. Dean Ornish in proving the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of ‘lifestyle over procedures’ for chronic disease. His seminal work, designing whole systems research models and documenting remarkable outcomes—for reversing heart disease and early stage prostate cancer—has been extraordinary.
Most impressive has been Ornish’s unwavering determination and skill over three decades to effectively translate scientific findings to practical clinical program models; thereby disrupting the healthcare status quo.

Dean-Ornish-300x277Tipping Point Reached—Finally

After almost two decades waiting in the wings, his scientifically proven program, Dr. Ornish’s read more…

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Integrative Medicine: Solution to Primary Care Crisis?

By Glenn Sabin and Taylor Walsh

Reading the striking 80-plus-page report, Meeting the Nation’s Primary Care Needs, led by Dr. Michael S. Goldstein from UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research and John Weeks, executive director of Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care (ACCAHC), made clear to me that the tipping point for integrative medicine as the standard of care is nearing.

The Goldstein/Weeks report, published by ACCAHC, is responsive to innovative care structures emphasized in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) meant to address the state of primary care in America. With the provisions read more…

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The Holistic Approach to Prostate Health

Aaron E. Katz, MD

The holistic approach to prostate health attempts to correct underlying conditions through many different modalities. It involves diet, nutritional habits, natural medicines, lifestyle, stress levels, exercise, and personal hygiene. Men in other parts of the world, particularly Europe, commonly use natural medicines and successfully avoid prostate surgery and drugs. Even mainstream urologists are starting to hear about these therapies, because the science is sophisticated and the results are impressive.

Why haven’t you heard more about these therapies, then? Because these natural medicines, which cannot be patented, simply aren’t profitable enough to the large drug companies. read more…

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