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Video: Women’s Hormone Health

Hormone imbalances occur often in women, from the time they begin menstruation to well after menopause. Learn more about the various types of imbalances that are common at different times in women’s lives, and how you as a physician can better diagnose, treat and monitor these imbalances for your patients.

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Webinar provided in partnership with Labrix Clinical Services, read more…

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Birth Control Pills And Hormone Balancing

Article by content partners Labrix Clinical Services, LLC

Though not a form of hormone replacement, birth control pills or oral contraceptive pills (OCPs), have
multiple hormonal effects on the body when taken. As a health care provider, it is common to suspect
hormone imbalance as the underlying culprit of many of the complaints in your patients utilizing OCPs
but exactly how are the active ingredients in her birth control affecting her endogenous hormone
levels? Which hormone levels are appropriate to test? Is bioidentical supplementation an appropriate
treatment approach for her?

Let’s look at each question in a bit more depth:  read more…

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Solving The Puzzle Of Hormone Replacement

Bethany Hays, MD, FACOG

The human body is a community of individual cells, each of which has become specialized to support the function of the community. Each of these cells needs to act in synchrony with every other cell, and all need to know something about what is going on outside of the community of the body so that they can perform the duties needed for the safety and survival of the community. Hormones are signaling molecules that allow each cell in the body to know what is going on in the outside world and to communicate with each read more…

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