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Personalized Lifestyle Medicine (PART 4): Physical Activity, Behavior and Environment

by Jeff Bland & Deanna M. Minch

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Part 4 concludes our series on Personalized Lifestyle Medicine (PLM). As you may already know, ‘PLM’ is a newly developed term that refers to an approach to medicine in which an individual’s health metrics from point-of-care diagnostics are used to develop lifestyle medicine-oriented therapeutic strategies for improving individual health outcomes in managing chronic disease.

In Part 4 of our series, we examine:

  • Application to Physical Activity
  • Application to Stress and Behavior
  • Application to Environment and Toxin Load
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    Systems Biology, Toxins, Obesity, and Functional Medicine

    Mark Hyman, MD

    Obesity is not a single clinical disorder. Obesity is a complex chronic illness resulting from the interplay among genetics, environment, and lifestyle. Emerging scientific concepts provide a new basis for understanding the multiple causes of obesity as well as the underlying mechanisms involved in weight dysregulation. While most obesity can be effectively treated for compliant patients, using a focused lifestyle intervention based on a whole-foods, low-glycemicload, phytonutrient-rich diet combined with exercise and stress management, there are patients who do not respond predictably to normally successful interventions. A novel hypothesis linking environmental and internal toxins to disruptions read more…

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    Environmental Injustice: Children’s Health Disparities and the Role of the Environment

    Lawrence D. Rosen, MD and Deirdre Imus

    Children are our most precious natural resource. Ensuring the optimal health of this generation and future generations of children is not a choice we have—it is a human rights mandate. The Children’s Environmental Health Network, a multidisciplinary group that includes some of the world’s most well-respected environmental scientists, has declared, “Healthy children grow into healthy adults. The health of our children is one of the most important investments that we can make and should be among our top priorities.” Yet today, we are witnessing a public health crisis of historical proportions that read more…

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    The Impact of Genetics and Environment on Weight Loss Resistance — JJ Virgin, Ph.D., CNS, CHFI

    11th Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine Conference
    Sunday, November 2011 – Las Vegas, Nevada


    JJ Virgin, Ph.D., CNS, CHFI
    Nutritionist, Fitness Expert and Author


    Seventy percent of the population is now overweight or obese with the majority of this population falling into the obese category. One in five American children are now obese. Of the remaining population roughly 50% are thin outside, fat inside (TOFI). The recidivism rate of dieting exceeds 50%. It is well documented that genetics accounts for 40-70% of a person’s predisposition to obesity. Recent research conducted at Stanford University showed that when subjects read more…

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