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Evaluation of a Novel Elisa for Serotonin: Urinary Serotonin as a Potential Biomarker for Depression

Mikaela I. Nichkova & Han Huisman & Paul M. Wynveen & David T. Marc & Kelly L. Olson & Gottfried H. Kellermann

Depression is a common disorder with physical and psychological manifestations often associated with low serotonin. Since noninvasive diagnostic tools for depression are sparse, we evaluated the clinical utility of a novel ELISA for the measurement of serotonin in urine from depressed subjects and from subjects under antidepressant therapy. We developed a competitive ELISA for direct measurement of serotonin in derivatized urine samples. Assay performance was evaluated and applied to clinical samples. The analytical range of the assay read more…

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A Novel Top-down Strategy For Addressing Autonomic Imbalances

Deanna Fall,BA; Bradley Bush,ND and Sirid Kellermann,PhD

All involuntary bodily functions are controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Because of its extensive influence, when the ANS is out of balance, it can cause a range of health issues involving sleep quality, energy levels, metabolism, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular function, and more. ANS imbalances manifest differently with each patient due to genetic predisposition and numerous other factors. Strides in the elucidation of neurocircuitry have demonstrated that neurotransmitter-based activity in certain regions of the brain directly and indirectly influence ANS function. This paper discusses the relevant neurocircuitry and clinical support for read more…

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Addressing Adrenal Imbalance: The Future of Adrenal Health

Deanna J. Fall,BA, and Sirid-Aimée Kellermann,PhD

Poor adrenal function and impairments in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis can have profound effects on overall health and quality of life. NeuroScience, Inc. has developed a suite of products specifically formulated to support healthy adrenal function for patients experiencing persistent stress. Complementing the current line of adrenal supporting products (AdreCor and Calm-PRT), three new products have been formulated to influence cortisol levels and to support methylation pathways. Here, we summarize the biochemical imbalances that characterize the various stages of adrenal fatigue and discuss interventions specifically designed to address each stage. read more…

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Neurotransmitters as Predictive Biomarkers of Responsiveness to Substance Abuse Treatment

Judith Miller,PhD; David Marc,BS; Corena McManus,MS; Mike Bull,BS; Kelly Olson,PhD; Gottfried Kellermann,PhD

Evidence-based practices are becoming ever more important for the effective treatment of substance abuse disorders. Substance abuse places a substantial burden on society, as it can cause adverse health effects and contribute to destructive social behavior. Traditional treatment for substance abuse relies on pharmacological interventions and counseling, but new strategies are being explored. Of interest is the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approaches that target neurological functioning. Amino acid supplementation is one modality that may show promise as an adjunctive therapy in substance abuse programs. read more…

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