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VIDEO: PLMI Thought Leaders Consortium Speakers

Did you miss the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine and Dr. Jeffrey Bland’s 2015 Thought Leaders Consortium, The Future of Genomics in Healthcare: From Personalized Cancer Therapy to Wellness? You can now access all the videos from the conference free on the PLMI website. Speakers and topics include:

  • Dr. Jeffrey Bland on the healthcare revolution
  • Nathan Price, PhD on big data and the future of medicine
  • Stacie J. Stephenson, DC, CNS on incorporating genomics into cancer care
  • Dr. Gerald Mullen on the interaction of the gut microbiome on health and disease

And many more. Access the portal below – registration is required read more…

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Dr. Jeffrey Bland: Epigenetics – Redefining the Gene/Environment Connection

In this final installment of the series from the Institute for Functional Medicine and Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Bland discusses current research into how life events shape genetic expression and the progression of disease. When should you consider epigenetic events vs cellular reactions or other considerations? How can you counsel patients on the effects of their lifestyle choices on their health, their genetic expression, and their disease trajectory?

Read the article for an in-depth discussion and to access additional resources, including three free audio interviews with scientific luminaries regarding their research into this field.


BlandFunctionMedDecember read more…

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VIDEO: Dr. Jeffrey Bland Interviews Elizabeth Parrish on Gene Therapy

Dr.Jeffrey Bland interviews Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of BioViva, about one aspect of where health care will be heading in the 21st century. BioViva is a biotech company in the Seattle area focused on researching and developing gene therapy for anti-aging. These ground-breaking gene therapies have an impact on all age-related disease, including cancers, heart disease, muscle atrophy, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and more.

Learn more about the direction of gene therapy, some specific gene therapies BioViva is working on, and some of the research results in this video interview by Dr. Jeffry Bland,  nationally recognized leader in nutritional medicine read more…

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Dr Jeffrey Bland: Is Genomics the Future of Cancer Care?

Many aspects of cancer treatment today are beginning to take a more holistic approach to treatment. In this fourth installment of the Functional Medicine & Genomics series, Dr. Jeffrey Bland discusses recent innovations in cancer treatment, and looks at this complex category of diseases from the perspective of genomics.

Including several additional resources, including audio interviews with Thomas Brown, MD, MBA, of the Swedish Cancer Institute, and Michael Fenech, PhD, CSIRO, of Human Nutrition, Australia.

GeomicsandCancer read more…

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Dr. Jeffrey Bland Discusses Whether Genomic Testing is Ready for Prime Time

In this third installment of the 6-part series on Functional Medicine and Genomics in partnership with the the Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland discusses the value of genomic testing, and how genomic tools can be used to promote health.

At the end of the article Dr. Bland provides several additional resources, including an interview with Eric Schadt, PhD, Director of the Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology, Mount Sinai Hospital. Click the link below to read the article.

DrBlandSeptImage read more…

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